5 January 2009

The Turban-Wearing Man's Visit 5 Jan 09

Card by Anita

He walked into my shop, came to the counter - I knew who he was because I saw him outside the arcade near chinese shop with another girl - talking to her and writing things down...... numerology or astrology i thought....
Well, He said to me:

You have a generous heart and give and have been hurt badly in the past.
The last few years have been bad for you, health wise, financially, in love and emotionally - pretty much all areas!!
Money comes in, but it also all goes out - leaving nothing much extra.
He gave me a piece of paper and asked me to hold it in my hand - a screwed up ball of paper.
Then he proceeded to tell me: in February this year, everything will change for you - everything will become good. The bad luck has been surrounding you and it will totally go away in February 2009. (Almost like he believed i had been cursed or something haha) - He told me to watch for enemies, or for people not necessarily enemies but people who can 'steal my ideas' - he said I am very 'open' and trust my information to others - and that there is a risk of someone taking my ideas or something I have created am doing, and making the money i deserve..!! He said he can change this, That I have to help too,and that he will put me and my business in his prayers. He said i must trust my ideas and allow them to work for me without giving too much information away to anyone else.
I mentioned that I might be moving or changing things in my shop - he said whatever I decide will be good - and that people will follow.!

He kept talking to me about my life - generally, he was accurate.
He talked about my health, said that it had not been very good - in several areas, and that it was going to improve and all things will be better in 2009.
He said my heart was strong & kind.
He said financially things will be a lot better and I will have the money I wish for, along with good things.
He told me that my husband (and i'm not wearing a wedding ring!) respected me very much, that he was not understanding things in the past and made a mistake. He said that love will be much better from this year onwards and so will everything else.

He looked at my life-line on my right hand, he said I will have a long life, that I will die in my own home (I asked.. in my sleep? - he nodded) Then he said that I will have grandchildren. (I wasn't sure if he meant there when I died or what)

He asked me to choose my favourite colour, asked me my age.... I replied that I liked lots of colours, but would pick green. I told him I was 46 years old. He said I was a young looking 46 (teehee) then he asked me to open the paper he had given me in the beginning. He said if he was correct with the paper that means the 3 things in my heart will come true for me.... He said, he would explain the 3 things in my heart - Health, Happiness & Prosperity.
I opened the screwed up paper - it said GREEN 46 - don't ask me how!!!! I have no idea.
He then gave me a black stone (with a hole drilled in it) and told me to keep it on my possession. He then proceeded to tell me, that to remove all the remaining bad luck and to help bring in the good, even though it was coming in February, I needed to place this stone into a glass of water overnight (fridays) and on the next 3 saturdays I needed to drink a little bit of the water and sprinkle some over my head/body.
He told me do not cut your hair, cut your nails or body, do not wash the clothes you wear on the Saturday!! for the next 3 saturdays.!!

He asked me to place some money in between his religious photographs in his diary, i told him i didn't have much money on me, that I couldn't take it out of the till (I was working at the shop)So I gave him all my loose change. He asked me if I could give him something from my heart - so he would remember me and that I would remember him....... I gave him a little magnet with my artwork of a vintage girl, watercoloured with praying hands and angel wings.
He said he believed it was from my heart, and accepted it - then he touched my left hand and shook my right hand.

He asked what I had done to my elbow.......(I was wearing my support) and he asked did i fall onto it. I said No, a chiropractor accidentally caused tennis elbow. He told me it was on the mend, and would be ok soon.

He said he knows that when he sees me again, i will be much happier and richer too.


FOOTNOTE: Tonight after posting this I found this post by ANITA - This lovely card she made seems to be so appropriate for my post today, so kindly Anita has let me use it here to show you all - so pop over and say hello to her too :)


  1. I read this twice Lori and am amazed at your experience. Everything happens for a reason and seems this had a pinch of magical about it.
    thanks for sharing
    Dawnie T

  2. What an amazing, mystical happening! I hope everything he said comes true for you in spades.

  3. wow, that is amazing! Awesome story~

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  5. what a perfect, beautiful way to begin the new year! I look forward to February for you!

    I will find out about shipping costs for sending my book to Perth and get back to you later in the week -- thanks so much!


  6. how exciting that must have been for you - hope every word of it comes true for you. happy 2009!

  7. Quite a visitor you have had!

  8. Sounds like great Karma! Good luck! - CT

  9. This is incredible Lorri! I, too, had to read it twice. I hope his words come true for you.

  10. Thank you everyone, I too hope it's true. It's certainly about time my luck / health / happiness changed for the positive! xo

  11. What a nice start to a new year. Good luck, health and happiness to you Lorri.


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