30 March 2010


Last night I finished a painting that I started a while ago. I hope you like her - here's the before, during and after pics.

First painted background layer completed, Sketch drawn over background.

Painting detail commences

Shading with more paint

Lots more paint and extra details added to complete her.

18 March 2010

Printing 101 with Benson

PRINTING FUN with Benson

Step 1. Choose your picture from the computer

Step 2. Check printer is turned on

Step 3. Make sure the paper is going to feed properly

Step 4. Make sure there is nothing blocking the paper path

Step 5. Check the paper is printing properly
(sniff & lick it to make sure the ink is waterproof)

Step 6. Admire your print & close the printer feed flap

Step 7. Cuddle your teddy as a reward for doing a good job

16 March 2010

Collage fun

Today I thought I would do something a little different. What I want to do is to be able to print out my own paper design for the front of some notebooks. So I grabbed a few favourite papers, some of my little 'girls' and a jar of mod podge, scissors and my craft sheet.

I had a lot of fun creating these, and will definitely be doing more!!

This is what resulted:

Now friends can you please tell me which is best for a 'front' and which for a 'back' ?

© L. Lennox 2010

9 March 2010

Unmotivated is this depression?

Emotional rambling warning!! - if you don't want to read press here to see some kittens (ok, I stole it from flickr lol) But if you do click there you will see my little Benson :)

Oh boy, where do I start blog world?
It's been such an emotional roller coaster - but really not many ups, so I guess not like a roller coaster more like a huge slide going down and down and down..... yet it feels like an uphill battle dealing with things. I'm so unmotivated for anything lately. Even my art is hard work, it's ok when I finally get around to sitting with my supplies. Then it happens. The problem is I am having trouble doing anything.... My house is a mess and is now starting to get to me. My Mum's nana shack is just sitting there empty and lifeless. I just went in there as I often do. I stood and felt - felt nothing but sadness and emptiness. I wandered around opening drawers and cupboards, remembering things - a million things. The tears were building and then I wandered into the bathroom and saw my Mum's 'teeth' - ouch ouch ouch.
I noticed a lot of tissues in the rubbish bin from our previous visits.

How can I become more positive, when I am constantly being reminded (in my mind) of all the horrible things that happened?? How do I try to forget those and focus on the good stuff... cos, I am trying believe me. I have little moments, where I say to myself "Ok, Lorri this isn't good - it's time to remember all the nice stuff" - but then those ugly thoughts just slip inside and stay for a while. It's almost like the feeling of anxiety where thoughts just bombard you, with no rhyme or reason... I say STOP to myself.... and it works for a little while.

I need to clean, I want to clean, I don't want to touch or move anything, I want to move it, I don't want to clean - I just want to go back in time (yeah yeah of course I can't) but in my memory I can and I will - to a nicer place, to a comforting loving place.

So much has happened over the last few years, so much - too much!!
Something has to change - It just HAS to get better - It WILL get better - I'm trying to send out those vibes, and it is so very hard to do when you feel like this. It's almost like nothing is working for me right now. I mentioned 'killing a chinaman' in a FB post once!! Maybe I did.
Do I start with some positive affirmations, trying to make myself believe good things are around the corner??
Do I keep on pretending that I'm ok...... with the hope that I will actually start to believe it soon?

Action... I need action, if I can get myself off the chair that is!!

My little Benson is a blessing, he is always giving me snuggles at the 'right' time! - usually while my hubby is snoring on the couch!!

Today has half gone, I have done nothing - well I burned the dinner and the pan is now soaking. I cut my finger between two cupboards - I opened them together!! Blonde :)

I haven't eaten, and my reflux is telling me to eat!! Oh how I would love to be able to employ a live in chef/cleaner/maid haha - Like that is ever going to happen. Poor Craig works so hard, works every hour he possibly can and we still only just get by from week to week.

Something BIG is around the corner, I just need to turn towards it.

Do I have the courage? The strength? The balls to make it happen................ I guess I will have to wait and see.

For now, I must just BE - Be in the moment, accept it for what it is.

4 March 2010

HOPE - painted

HOPE - painted
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