24 September 2009

Reality Check

Ok, I'm asking all my wonderful followers to tell me what you would like to see more of on my blog...... all commenters will go into the draw to win one of my recent 'hand-drawn' art cards :)

Is it more pictures or more text?

Sometimes I want to pour out my heart & soul - but very often pause and decide against it - hey, I know too many people that might read my blog and just not 'get it'.... right?? No, probably Wrong... it's my blog and it's personal, so I guess I should feel free enough to say whatever I damn well please. Lets face it, if someone doesn't like it, then so be it. You can't please all the people all the time, and some people you can't please any of the time. So really what have I got to lose??

Being the owner of a retail store, I guess brings along a sense of 'responsibility' and 'professionalism', which is well and good and probably the reason I hold back so often.
Maybe I should start another blog....... an anonymous one haha - Do you think you would know it was me???

Look at the flack the amazing Suzi Blu got for her 'vulva' posting a while ago - I found it immensely entertaining, refreshing and 'real'..!! Go Suzi, you brave, free speaking soul. I love how Suzi can pour it all out, without fear.. and I know Suzi is responsible - she has the lovely Gigi to care for too, and as for professionalism..... well look at her amazing videos!! Suzi is technically savvy, creative, free speaking, vibrant and fun.

I can do it, can't I? Sheesh, I doubt myself too much sometimes.

The other day I saw a double-decker bus and immediately started thinking about how cool it would be to do it up as an 'art bus' - top floor for living, bottom full or art supplies - I would love a gypsy Caravan too, but either would be cool.

Anyone got an old double-decker bus lying around their back yard they can give me? or even a gypsy caravan?? I might pack up for a bit, go travelling and I might be lucky enough to meet up with Suzi somewhere on a creative journey :)

Anyone wanna come?

Ahh but reality- What about my home, my business, my beautiful girls and even the man I sometimes (sad but true) want to run away from........ I would miss them all too much! So I couldn't be gone for too long. Wow, I'm really thinking about this aren't I.. haha (talking to myself there sorry)

Now I know Bec would probably like another holiday, especially one that involved nothing but playing with pretty papers, paints and crafty goodness every day - hmm maybe a road trip, with classes and lots of sharing, fun, laughter and art!!

Where would I start?

(Reality Check)

We gotta dream! - and I'm dreaming now!

Now if only I can manage to string a few hours sleep together, and wake up not hurting so much tomorrow - I will be content with that for now :)

If you made it all the way down here, thank you for listening now you can go ahead and answer my questions haha... oh and don't forget - a suprise hand-drawn card could be yours!


Atc Angel Swap & Other collage atc's

These cards are a little bit of colourful fun - Enjoy!

I completed my cards for the Scrappindipity Monthly ATC Swap (from our flickr group) These were made using my favourite Gel Medium Transfer technique. I like my transfers to be soft, subtle and a little grungy!

20 September 2009

Finished some ACEO's / ATC's

I finished some more of my hand-drawn aceo's - here's a couple of full page scans.

Some are available to 'trade' and some are available on my ETSY store.

There's a couple of 'collage' cards in this lot

Here's a few close ups :)

This piece was inspired by Nic Hohn's 'open heart, vulnerable mind' painting.
I was very drawn to it and the topic of vulnerability inspired me to complete this.

This piece incorporates some hand painted background
paper, along with a piece of 'shaving foam' background paper that I created.
I created this piece to be colorful, with an abstract background.

This is probably my favourite, The colour and contrast with my
'tilted girl' drawing seem to pop for me. Also, I could do with the
reminding that I need some gentle peace in my life.

Thank you for visiting and looking :)

Any ideas for future projects ? Feel free to share.

Sending you all 'peace' 'vulnerability' and 'potential'


Spill It workshop - Carmen Torbus

I am shouting and woo hoo'ing about this workshop!!

Why? Because it looks cool and I would really really really love to win an entrance to this online workshop - would you?

If so, please visit Carmen and see the instructions...... Here's a sneek peek at Carmen and the upcoming workshop.

16 September 2009

Pencil out the Pain

Pencil out the painCan you see what those curly things are?

Pencil out the pain, is what I do - as often as I can. See, art really IS my therapy :)

Today I had fun, We had our 'social atc day' at Scrappindipity and played with shaving foam and alcohol inks - yep, I made a mess. I love wednesday ATC days, it's really a highlight for me - such a fabulous group of lovely ladies - thank you for your enthusiasm, love & support.
One of the ladies that attends is Dee, and wow! Dee made some amazing 'sandwich technique' atc's from our last class and I wanted all of them!!! (tutorial to come)

I got home to discover that I had sold my 'MUSE' aceo - so that made me smile, cos she is now travelling to the UK and made my bank account a wee bit richer - bring it on :)

I'm currently working on more drawings and canvasses at the same time. I also have SO many ideas popping around in my head for arty things lately.

And here's a few of my latest sketches:

I am going to print these smaller and make some more ATC's & ACEO's from them, and colour and paint them too.

Oh for the time to just sit and draw and paint and sketch and colour all day long!

I've been working on lots of little cards, so stay tuned as there is more to come here soon.

Oh, I haven't forgotten the free images either - so here's another for you to play with. It's one I own, so please personal use only. Thanks.

I purchased this image from Eileen Schwanke who owns an antique store (how cool)



8 September 2009

Sketching away the blues

Today I sketched for 2 hours - and the 4 sketches are what I completed, I spend so much more time painting them. Then I will cut them out carefully and adhere them onto my background surface - usually a canvas. Preparing the background canvas can take me forever, as I layer and layer and keep adding things until I feel it's 'done'... then I will often add more over the top of the stuck down painted sketch - it's so much fun & I'm enjoying making art more and more each day.

I will be printing them, and painting them soon - so please visit me again soon.
Please feel free to let me know what you think, any tips or advice is always appreciated :)

The atc's I made using my sketches turned out fun to do. It was great to see one picture with different colours etc., Also, using your own drawings means that your cards are totally unique to you! How cool is that. So if you haven't tried it yet - what are you waiting for?.......hmm ok, who was it that said "but I can't draw"????? I heard you, yes I did. Well let me tell you something - you can do it, and if you stop saying that you can't, then you CAN!

If I can, you can. ( and the little voice inside my head still occasionally says "you can't draw" ) So stomp it out, tell yourself you can and go draw. I would love to see what you do - don't be shy.

I love all forms of mixed-media, and love the collage and rubber stamping too, but lately I'm addicted to trying to draw my girls. Every time I pick up my pencils, I learn something new - just from trial and error. I had a large eraser - which is getting smaller every time I sketch hahaaha So just have fun and try.

The inspiration on the web is amazing, the sharing and caring is awesome.
I want to thank Tamara for her thoughtfulness, Tamara also suffers from chronic pain like I do - so we can relate to the difficulties of every day living. Tamara sent me a couple of her awesome atc's and a zine/journal from Teesha Moore - and I absolutely love it... these arrived along with some lovely papers for me to play with too. What more could a girl want in the mail (ok, I could do with a few extra $$ if you are throwing it away) haha
But seriously, my heart was lifted so much from this one envelope in the mail - so I wanted to publicly thank Tamara - you are a sweetie xo

Pat yourselves on the back, because we arty farty types are just so open-hearted and creative we deserve a pat on the back...... so I'm giving you all one right now :)

7 September 2009

New cards

Howdy Doody

I finally finished some cards using my hand drawn sketches - yay!

Which do you like the best and why?

I also managed to start some paintings - so they will be revealed on completion too :)

1 September 2009

Blog Award Thanks :)

The wonderful Suzie has given me this gorgeous award - thanks so much Suzie :)