7 September 2009

New cards

Howdy Doody

I finally finished some cards using my hand drawn sketches - yay!

Which do you like the best and why?

I also managed to start some paintings - so they will be revealed on completion too :)


  1. Well I love them all, but I like the one with blue hair, as she is striking because ot the colour. and I like the one in the middle row at the right, as I like that background and the reds. Suzie. XXX :)

  2. Hmm. I like the one with the blue hair, too. But I also like the top row, first on the right, because of "Speak Your Truth".

  3. I love the bottom right. She looks pensive and somehow serene. They're all gorgeous.

  4. They are gorgeous, my fave is the first one, I love how you have done her skin, great colours!

  5. Thank you Ladies, it's always interesting to see how others 'see' things, as we are always our own worst critics! Funny because I almost threw the blue haired one in the bin~!!
    So thank you for sharing :)


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