19 January 2015

Hey Remember my post from 6 January?
Well guess what - this is what I posted on my Facebook http://www.facebook.com/artivity3

Wooo Hooooooooooooooo......

***EXCITING NEWS** Woohoo - I'm going to be teaching art/craft on board the beautiful Ocean Princess!
I've been chomping at the bit to tell you. I am so excited to be a guest lecturer again. This will be my 3rd time with Princess Cruises. For those that remember my Xmas message - I did send it to the universe to bring me new opportunity & for 2015 to be my year of 'teaching & sharing my love of art & creativity" not even 3 weeks later & here I am madly preparing class kits, scheduling and re-scheduling workshops. Can I get a big woop woop! I will be leaving directly from Sydney, after my Sydney workshops - so its also perfect timing! Donna Stevens Tammy James Melisa Wright Jen Aburrow Teresa Xanthos Cassandra A Bright it does however mean that I will not be able to hold any workshops in Melbourne after Sydney - unless it's later in the year smile emoticon
PS: please don't PM or email me about how to get a gig like this, because this is what I will tell you - 1. Have genuine passion for what you do 2. Show it in how you teach 3. Put yourself out there & expect to be found. ‪#‎teachart‬ (Edit inspired by Denise Braun) - The universe has plenty of everything for everyone, so put it out there!

Madly making up kits, preparing & planning for future workshops... my calendar is now booked into June already :)

Write what you want, send it to the universe - share with me your stories (right here! on my blog)

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6 January 2015

Happy New Year - 2015 is going to be a great year!

Hello Everyone - Happy New Year to you all
Whew, where does the time go - sometimes I find myself with not enough hours in the day to complete all my tasks, yet other times the day feels long as lack of motivation seeps through me. That said, 2015 is starting positively and I am looking forward to forging forward with workshops and more teaching than ever before!
I'm starting in February in Sydney, looking at more workshops in melbourne in March and also local workshops here in Perth - March 28th, at Creators Corner in Canningvale.
Also, I'm going to be holding some workshops at my studio/home - so if you are interested in attending, please don't hesitate to contact me! I will even tailor any workshop to suit you and your friends.... gather a group of 5 and lets do it, Lets make 2015 our most creative year ever!

19 November 2014

MIA - catchup

 WHOA! It's been a long time since I posted here - Facebook has gotten way too much of my attention lately - so I must apologise to my blog readers... If you don't follow me over on facebook, here's my link so you can... that way you won't miss anything haha http://www.facebook.com/artivity3

I have uploaded a few pieces of work over the last few months - plenty more to upload, but hopefully this will keep me a little more up to date... I hope you enjoy them!
Thanks for staying with me xxx

24 April 2014


Woohoo, another feature :)

Please visit Featured Artist on Melanie Statnickart
I've included my Interview Questions and Answers below :)

And..... some more artwork - Using my wonderful Faber Castell Gelatos again :)
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Melanie Statnicks Interview with me :)
MS: Tell me about you
Hi, I’m Lorri from Perth, Western Australia
MS: How did you get your start in Art Journaling?
I’ve always loved art, I originally started out rubber stamping about 25 years ago. With an insatiable desire for printed matter, notebooks & stationery, it stood to reason that one day I would have a paper art store. I closed the store a few years ago and decided to focus on making art and I am loving the process. Art Journaling was an excellent ‘escape’ for me – I found it very therapeutic, and immediately was hooked. I used to keep a diary as a young girl, so Art Journaling is like taking that diary to another level. The artistic possibilities for art journaling, is almost limitless and incredibly inspiring!
MS: What size of Journal do you prefer to create in and why? 
At first I began using A5 blank page notebooks, I wasn’t happy with the quality of paper, so I started to use watercolor pads, which held the paint and glues much better. I am currently using the Dylusions 8x10 journal, I’m now onto my 2nd – The quality of the paper is fair & it’s big enough for me to ‘see’ what I’m doing ha-ha

MS: Do you set a goal to journal every day, or do you have to be in the mood?
I try to do something artistic everyday - if I don’t I feel starved. If I am in an unhappy ‘mood’ then art journaling is the best thing for me, as it lifts me up. Like reading a good book, journaling for me is an escape into another world.

MS: Do you keep a travel journal and tool kit with you?
Yes, I have a little kit with a pencil case big enough to hold a mini journal or notebook to take out with me. I will sit while waiting for appointments and either sketch, write or tangle in my books. I like to visit cafes and relax with a coffee and my imagination.
MS: Where do you get your ephemera from and what do you use to adhere it with?
I collect vintage postcards and images, then I will scan them and print. I create digital collage sheets (and sell them via my etsy store) I like working digitally, but prefer to feel the pencil in my hand and the paint on my fingers. I will use a gel medium, such as Golden, or sometimes if I’m on the go – a glue stick works too!
MS: What organic objects have you used in your journal to create interesting texture?
Hmm, I don’t really adhere much other than paper to my journal pages – I prefer the paint and drawings to be textural in appearance. I like to use light and shade, often sticking down pieces of torn papers, map pages etc. and for me, I find this is enough… and less bulky too

MS: Name some of your challenges as you begin a new page and what prompts do you use to move past them?
I used to find that the biggest challenge was actually starting, but I overcome that by first of all choosing a color palette, then I begin to lay down some paint, or spray the page with ink. It begins to ‘flow’ then. Also, I will often begin by sketching a face somewhere on the blank page and then I work around it. If I’m totally stuck, I will begin a collage of sorts, by gluing down random pieces of paper in a color theme. Sometimes the collage papers will tell a story, so I will run with that. I allow my emotions to be present and will use them as ‘prompts’ for the theme of the page.

MS: Name some of your must have tools and/ or mediums you use in your art journal.
Pencils – 2b and graphite, Gesso, acrylic paint, ink sprays, stencils, ephemera/papers.

MS: What technique have you found to be the most difficult for you?
Often I have difficulty with shading, correcting the light source.

MS: Do you write in your art journal like a diary? Or does your art you work inspire you to write? 
Yes, both. I write in my journals – but, I often paint over it so it becomes secret journaling. My pictures I draw often inspire the words to write.

MS: What tips do you have for the beginner?
Do not be afraid, every page will be different and the more you do, the better you will become. Your journal can be for your eyes only – so don’t pressure yourself to create something artfully amazing - just begin, make the start and soon you will discover that it is highly addictive, very relaxing and fun!

Thank you so much for sharing with us about your Art Journal Process. Happy Creating!

Gelato's by Faber Castell

As you know I LOVE working with gelatos and here's some pictures of one of my gelato girls. I also created a quick video on youtube for you -  Gelato Blending quick video

Gelato Girl (Melbourne Workshop pics)

Wow, what an awesome time in Melbourne! Love it there - maybe I should move there one day.
I met the amazing Shirley Henry, who I've been chatting to online for years. It was wonderful how well we got along, and shared a hotel room considering we hadn't ever met before. We together, hit Melbourne City and suburbs and had a wonderful time, eating, creating (The occasional drinking) and Met the awesome girls that attended my workshop.
We created some awesome 'girl art' and here's the class project - It's a whimsical girl created with Gelatos :) Which are beautifully creamy, blendable, water soluable pastel crayons that are so much fun to work with and create gorgeous colour blends.

14 January 2014