27 February 2010

Generous Souls

The wonderful Tamara from Magic Molecules has posted about all her OWOH Wins. Tamara was a lucky girl who the stars shone down upon on the magic carpet ride... as a big thank you Tamara has decided to giveaway 5 of my collage sheets... see her post and how to win them here Magic Molecules

See the 5 sheets in my etsy store that you may win, by simply visiting Tamara and leaving a comment on her blog :)

Thanks Tamara, and good luck everyone who enters.


26 February 2010

New works

I managed to finish a painting...........


I don't really like trying to do portraits, I much prefer the style below :)


I am looking forward to painting this one, although nervous that I might mess her up!
Good job I have a scanner, then I can always print her out and try again :)

16 February 2010

OWOH Wins & Winners


I am totally thrilled, I have won 2 giveaway prizes so far... my first prize is an original piece of artwork from the talented MARINA from Cherry Pie Art Stamps - not only did I win an original piece of artwork, I also receive a cherrypie stamp of my choice from the store!! Oh my, so many great stamps there - if you haven't visited Marina's store, check it out here

Here's what I might receive, I'm not sure which one yet - but aren't they ALL just fabulous...

I also was lucky enough to win some goodies to play with from the very generous Laura, this stash is going to be divided up among the winners, so I can't wait to see what I get! Click on Laura's name above to visit her lovely blog and have a peek around.

NOW to announce the winners of my OWOH giveaway............ drumroll please.....

The lucky 5 winners who will each receive an original mixed media art card are -

Rob from Creative Spirit
Mendy from Art Adventures
Lisa Lecturer from LL creations
Amy from Paper and Gluestix
Sonia from Dark Ravens Nest

Just some of the lucky winners who will each receive a "Gypsy" digital collage sheet are -

There are more, but I couldn't find the websites from the email addresses to link them all.

Heidi from My hiding place in cyberspace
Great Granny Grandma
Brenda from The purple lady's art
Nikki from flatware media
Sue from Barton Originals
Tamara from Magic Molecules
Jenn from The Gallery
Sherry from Sherry's simple blog
Shariyah's Studio
Susan from Piecesoffatesusan

I am also giving away this image as a thank you to everyone for participating and visiting my blog - so click the image and it will open it up large, then you can save it on your computer and print it out and play with it. (Personal use only please) I would love to see what you create with her!

Let Life Flow and More sketches

Let Life Flow

An old drawing, on top of a new background

Find comfort

Practice sheet

Pin up style

80's glam style

Believe in the power of love

Click the picture to see it full size - then you can see it's grunginess, flaws and all :)

On monday evenings I get together with a couple of my girlfriends and we have an 'arty' night - we all work on our own projects at our own pace. We love it. This is the piece I created last night. I am thinking about adding a large word strip or something across the bottom of the girl.. what do you think?

I'm a big fan of grunge, and liked playing around with the background of this one. I used my trusty black pen, some rub ons, rubber stamping and lots of smeary paint.

I think it would make a nice print to be on display in the home as a gentle subliminal reminder to love yourself :)

11 February 2010

More whimsical portraits

For my birthday my beautiful Bec purchased me an online drawing class, as I wanted to do it to try to extend my knowledge - so far everything I have done has been self taught. So I thought it would be great to have some tips for shading etc.,

I have had so much fun learning some new styles and techniques for my drawings (thanks Bec!!)
They will eventually be painted, but I'm not super confident with the painting techniques yet - actually I'm not so confident with the drawings - but lots more practice to come!

I need to be able to teach myself (or learn from someone who can help me) how to draw profiles, I would like to angle my faces now - time will tell hey.

The best thing is being able to create a little person - a nobody who is real - someone who can be cute, funny, serious, ugly, pretty or just plain ordinary - without having to 'look' like someone real. What I'm trying to do is take some features from people that stand out and have a go at creating a more whimsical face designed with those features in mind.

So far I have only created one of what I call my 'whimsical faces' that resembles someone else... say hello to Tammy from our softball club....

The others are just nobodys.. how sad for them, I'm sure they could come to life in my imagination.

A page from our tag sample technique book

The tag on the left has a 'torso' paper cut which has been painted. Microbeads and ribbon & a little pin create a softness to the grungy backgrounds that I love. Stamp on right tag is from Darkroom door.

A page from our tag sample technique book

Another few pages together, love the embossing with inks over the top.

A page from our tag sample technique book

A few pages from our tag book, that we use to show people different techniques in our store.

I love the green and gold on these tags.. the colours complement each other so nicely.

I had a big flickr upload of all the pages, and thought I would add a couple of the pages here...

8 February 2010


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Meet my little kitten Benson, he was bought for me on my Birthday Feb 5th by Amy & Ali - he's so cute!

Baking Feb 8 2010 (3)

Baking Feb 8 2010 (3)
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and a chocolate overload... mmm marshmallow choc-chip cupcakes, and chocolate chip cupcakes with chocolate flakes on top of the frosting.. hungry?

Baking Feb 8 2010 (5)

Baking Feb 8 2010 (5)
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Look what I just made :)