30 March 2008

My ATC's - Can you find the double up??

A flickr MOSAIC I made from the atc's & aceo's in my collection. I threw in my fave vintage pic from my personal collection too!

Can you spot the double up card?

19 March 2008

Create Collect Trade book cover

I'm published!! Woo hoo.
AND - 6 artists have made the cover from 32 artists... and my atc is there :)
This was a wonderful collaborative project of which you can see more about on my vox blog you can also visit the Create.Collect.Trade blog for all the information about this project.


11 March 2008

Call me a hopeless case!!

You are not going to believe this....... I just had to blog about it!! (well if you know me - you might believe it LOL)

I even have to laugh myself at this..... I was paying my friend to do some cleaning for me (cos I can't do anything while recovering from the sinus op) and it helped her out at same time... well she asked for a scraper for a window (to remove some sticky stuff) and I went to get my trusty craft knife....... well while trying to change blades to a flatter one, i slipped and sliced it directly into the padded bit of my L. Index finger, I grabbed it and re-stuck it in another section of my finger......... yup, stupid.......... lol, I actually cut it quite deeply.... and was thinking I needed stitches... (luckily i don't think I do) so anyway, on with my silly tale - after getting the bleeding under control, I ran to my freezer to ice it up - it was throbbing and stinging!! and was wrapped in a towel........... well on top of my fridge I have a 'caterers' pack of cling wrap..... it weighs a ton!! and yup, you guessed it......... it fell off when I opened the freezer! It came crashing down and landed on my R. toes........ so now, my index toe (if there is such a thing) has been throbbing for two whole days......... we do think it's broke :(

But how funny is that really - it was a comedy of errors........... and all this while my nose is recovering!!!!!!!

If I didn't laugh about it I probably wouldn't stop crying!!!!!

I'm a wreck I tell ya!!

Anyone know a good 'health' spell???? PLEASE!!! lol

4 March 2008

Sniff Sniff Sinus

It's finally done!! The surgery apparantly went well. It's 5 days after it now, and I have certainly been a 'dying swan' on my couch since :(
The details are just TOO GROSS to go into on any blog - but lets just say - imagine having your eyeballs pulled backwards through your nose!!!!!!!! and that about sums up the feeling of the 'stuffing' being taken out of your nasal passages.
As for blood - well, I've never seen as much in my entire life and certainly never 'drank' as much either!
The sinus pressure is enormously painful - excruciating for the first 2 days, and the sinus headaches are just awful. Worse than a normal sinus headache.
ENOUGH ALREADY I HEAR!!......... sorry, had to share with my buddies :)

So it's done, I'm grateful it's over - and recovery is slow. Rinses every hour on the hour! Starting to breathe a little. So all is good.