30 January 2010

More art cards - Introducing Kelly

Formally introducing.... Kelly - say hello!

Imagination of the artist

Give her heart Love

Expressing the heart

Drifting until found

You carried off my heart

Nothing left, but to submit

Kelly Green
Kelly close up background detail
So dear friends, which do you like best?

25 January 2010

Magic Carpet Ride - OWOH Giveaway

Welcome One World One Heart participants to my blog...

In the beginning there were some basic chipboard bases,
they were transformed into backgrounds
with paint & paper...
which became the starting place
for my ACEO's

With a little bit of drawing & more painting & the addition
of some collage elements, they soon turned into this stack of little art cards.

Here's some of the cards you might win!

Devoting myself once more

The road of gratitude


Find DelightKnows all, sees all
Jewels & Gold
Read my story
Feeling green

Last year my sweet Mum helped me to choose my winners (I had a few giveaways) Mum painstakingly cut up each persons comment that I printed out and we had a lucky draw. My Mum recently passed away on November 29th, 2009. I miss her so much and I will miss her help this year!
Visit One World One Heart to join the fun, then visit all the links, meet some amazing artists, find kindred spirits & maybe win a giveaway too!

Now for the fun part......... I will be giving away several prizes, ACEO's that I usually sell in my ETSY store, and also some gorgeous digital delivery GYPSY Collage Sheets. I have several to give away, so the more people that comment, the more I am going to give away!

Anyone is eligible, by leaving me a comment on this post - It would be nice if you take the time to have a peek around at some of the other posts in my blog - that's what OWOH is about, meeting new artists and visiting all the wonderful blogs (& creativity) that are out there in blogland.

Why not 'follow my blog' with the link on the right, and come visit again once all the excitement from OWOH has settled down. I have another giveaway for any blog followers on a previous post.

Good Luck, I hope you enjoy my blog & my giveaways.


21 January 2010

GIVEAWAY for my blog followers

GIVEAWAY to my lovely blog followers......

This week has been very artful, here's some cards & backgrounds I created.

In fact these were all made since Monday (today is Thursday)
I obviously needed a lot of distraction this week.. It's been a bad week :(

Well I look back over this lot and think to myself......

wow, I created a lot this week.

But from the pain and emotion has come all this messy, inky, paper goodness.

I have a plan for some of these little cards - I would like to give some away. To my friendly blog followers of course...... Also, if you share the love by posting a link to my blog on your own blog, I will put your name in the draw twice!

(If you post a link to my blog, let me know in your comment please)

Thank you for visiting and before you go, can you tell me which one you like the best?


18 January 2010


A quick play around drawing some new 'girls' for my art cards/altered arts.
I wonder what I will turn them into...
Here they are, please make them welcome :)



13 January 2010

First 2010 ATC's / ACEO's

Yay, I got motivated a little and made some new cards... The girls are all my own sketches, I hope you like them.

To see more of my aceo's please visit my etsy store, I might load a couple of these to my store and trade a few too - Artivity

Using Aqua, Lime & Purple

Using orange & red

Using Green

5 January 2010

2010 Year of the Lung - Donation request

I couldn't believe it today when Amy told me that
2010 is the year of the lung.

Excerpt from the Australian Lung Foundation -

Together, we can create awareness
Together, we can provide understanding and support
Together, we can make a difference!

In Memoriam is one way in which you can contribute to our fundraising efforts of The Australian Lung Foundation and we invite you to take this journey with us, working together to develop programs that will assist patients with lung disease, their families and carers and our community.

I have created a link to 'DONATE' via paypal on my sidebar....

What I wish for, is to make an in 'memoriam' donation to the Australian Lung Foundation, and dedicate the donation to my Mum. My donation alone however, will not make much of any impact, so thought I would ask if anyone would like to assist this very worthy cause.

Your donation will help:

  • - promote lung health;

  • - raise awareness of the impact and symptoms of lung disease;

  • - promote targeted screening and early diagnosis;

  • - provide advocacy, education and support for all those affected by lung disease; and

  • - sponsor medical and scientific research into lung disease.

Along with the donation, this year we as a family are also committing to
This is an annual event, to support and remember, Cancer Survivors, Cancer sufferers, carers and those loved ones who have passed away from cancer. This event is a fundraiser to also raise funds for the Cancer Research & more.

We will be setting up our 'team' very soon, and I will post more about the event & sponsorship etc at a later date. If you click the link above you can learn more about this wonderful event.

If you would like to share the love, please feel free to link to this post.

Here's a pic of the booklet Bec made for Mum's celebration of life (funeral service) I miss her incredibly!!

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for all your support and kindness over the last couple of months. I am hoping that 2010 brings everyone happiness, good health & peace.


4 January 2010

Vintage Postcards I own

Just thought I would share some images from some vintage postcards I own.

If there is any you would like to use, to make something from - please don't hesitate to ask and I will email you the original scan. (personal use only)

Thanks xo

I think this one is so beautiful

I have cleaned up and removed scratches from the original scan of the photo postcard - Miss Madge Lessing

Here I have added some colour, I especially like the yellow rose

An unknown performer

Embossed old Birthday postcard.
The back of the card was quite amazing.
I did not see the back when I purchased it.
It is to 'Winnie' - (My maiden name was WINN and I got called Winnie as a nickname in school) It is from Verna & MARJORIE (my Mum's name)
A sign from the universe perhaps?

3 January 2010

Dear Universe

Dear Universe,

I normally say nice things to you.
My daily chat usually includes a little gratitude and requests for healing for my family & friends if they need it.

Today is different - I am unhappy - well if I'm going to be honest with you, I'm really pissed off with the way things have been going...

I feel like you are kicking me while I'm already down?

I don't think it is fair.

The pain and heartache I'm feeling is enough - do you hear me universe??? It's enough!!

I don't need to be stressed about anything else right now. All these financial problems we are having and you already know that my health isn't that good - so please stop making things harder for me.

There are days where I want to climb under a rock, or run away and never come back, or simply not even wake up!! Yet, I persevere with the hope of good things in my future. I have loving children and a husband, and I am doing my best, to enjoy them and love them. Really, I am trying not to give up. I am trying not to fall apart. I am trying to heal my body from it's pains.

That strength people talk about that comes from inside...... well I'm trying to find it. Where is it Universe?

I want to cry every minute of the day, but I don't always allow it. Sometimes I take a breath and push the emotional pain deep inside myself, you see universe - it's not always an appropriate time or place, to allow my emotions to flow. So I wait - but then it can become unbearable and then the tears escape my eyes without me being able to control them!

You have my Mum with you now universe, and I'm sad and I miss her so much.

I have so many emotions & thoughts buzzing around in my head, my heart hurts & I'm feeling really exhausted.

I saw my Mum regularly all my life, but I saw her every day for the last 11 years when we had her move into a granny flat in our backyard. (except for the few holidays I went on, or an over-nighter here and there) My home is SO empty and quiet now, her absence is awful, and I don't like it one bit. OK, I understand that there were probably so many others on the other side, that wanted to see my Mum. But Universe, I need your help.......Now that my Mum is gone from my physical life everyday, I need you to help me to cope with this change!!

I also need you to help my children & husband cope, we all miss her so much!

Also, while I'm airing out my closet - I don't think it's fair that my husband and I have to struggle so much every day financially - he works hard, surely you can see that. He works every hour his employer will let him. He never says no to work and doesn't complain - he is a good hard reliable worker. We have both worked hard over the years, and yet we don't seem to ever get ahead, and struggle all the time.

Why Universe??

I have many things I want to achieve Universe, if you would give me a chance.
I am ready to claim my universal wealth however you deem it comes to me, so please bring it on!!

I have been patient - but my patience is slipping away.

My positivity is slipping away.

Can you please send me some healing universe, can you send my family & friends some too?

Could you send me a sign, or let my Mum show me she is happy?
Can you send us some good luck, even a little sprinkling would be nice!

I'm sorry if I'm asking for too much, but I really feel like I need more positive things to happen in my life right now...... Please.