15 December 2011

Artist Trading Cards Group

Little Reindeer Girlatc - little dutch houses III (for trade)atc - little dutch houses II (for trade)atc - little dutch houses I (for trade)Naughty or Nice 2 -ATC FOR TRADENaughty or Nice 1 - ATC FOR TRADE
Merry ChristmasParisian Goddessatc - owlishatc - doodlish (for trade)atc - happy Christmas (for trade)Don't Even Think About It - ATC FOR TRADE
Halloween ATC BookATC863 - Thai boy with a kite and his dogATC862 - The floating market in old SiamATC861 - In a tropical paradiseatc - hillside neighbhorhood (for trade)Ladybug ACEO
Down Through the Chimney ATCSanta's Workshop ATCatc - bernard (for trade)Autumn Maple ACEOATC: Árbol enrulado + matching envelope"Grog Hangs Christmas Lights"

Artist Trading Cards, a group on Flickr.

Join my ATC group on Flickr, over 3000 members now!! Awesome artworks and inspiration here :)


I'm Loving making tags lately!!

Ever since the Timmy Tags I've been seeing people make I have been making tags. So far I've made 25 this week!! My Muse has found it's way back home... yay

I have dry embossed, wet embossed, inked, spritz sprayed, stamped, cut and glued - I have enjoyed every step of the process.

The gorgeous flower embellishments are compliments of my friend Jenny From ustream - thanks Jen, I wanted to share the beauty and "use" them ;)

Now what do I do with these?

Hmm, how about a giveaway for followers of my blog - lets say, follow and share my blog with your friends via facebook, twitter for ONE entry, share on your blog for TWO entries. Comment here with your link to where you shared, tell me which tag you like and what you would do with it, and you could win TWO of these tags (randomly chosen)

Background using number rubber stamp, embossed with clear powder and inked using IMPRESS inkpads. Rubber stamp by "Darcies" dressform cutout and inked up and adhered with pop dots. Stamped words and lace trim. Cute hanger embellishment huh?

My soul is fed with needle and thread - love that sentiment - by Darcies stamps!

This one is one of my faves!

Whatya waiting for - go on link and comment - :)

10 December 2011

Tag Time

Filling my time making tags - it's fun to play with my own spritzes, and I love the gorgeous 'very intense' colours, although my phone camera doesn't do them justice. They are shimmery and sparkly, with goosebump texture sprayed over the top.
The gorgeous flowers are hand made & gifted to me by the wonderful Jenny (ozegran) and I was so delighted to use them here on my tags :)

Getting the anger down - warning explicit words!!

I am angry at you because you never gave me a choice. You didn’t share what you were feeling with me, you didn't ask me for what you seemed to want so badly! You didn't try to save our marriage. Instead you took it in your own hands and had an affair, and have not only destroyed a lot of things for us, but destroyed a lot of me and yourself too.

I am angry because you believed that they were no better than me. In fact you say that I'm too good for you, and that all you deserved was some moral-less whore. I'm angry that you can't see what is in front of you! Had you forgotten for the last twenty nine years that I was always there for you? Who held your hand at your Father's funeral, after just discovering your first affair? -Whilst I was hurting, I was still there for you, supporting you!! Who stood beside you, again supporting YOU at your Mother's funeral, after discovering your second affair? I have tried to be a faithful, honest, caring, and devoted wife our whole marriage. I am so angry that you were not there *exclusively* for ME when I needed you. While my Mum was dying in hospital, you were sharing that very personal experience with another woman! That angers me intensely.

I am angry because every time you touch me I wonder if you touched her the same way. Every time you tell me you love me or say something sweet I wonder if you used the same words with her.

I am angry because I have lost the security knowing that you will be with me in good times and bad. You seem to run to someone else everytime there is a problem or trauma in our lives! What if I get sick and are unable to meet your needs? Will you find someone else? Where is your committment to me or our marriage?

I am angry because I have a hard time enjoying anything good anymore, since it is overshadowed by all the hurt and pain of your affairs. I am consumed and eaten up by hurt, by questions, frustrations and anger.

I am angry because you seemed to magically forget all the good memories we had, you forgot you told me you wanted to grow old with me, or that you would NEVER hurt me again! You only seemed to focus on the bad. You made me doubt why we got married in the first place. You make me wonder why I forgave you after your First affair that comprised of 3.5yrs of lies & deception! You often make me feel like I wasted my life with you.

I am angry that you told me while in Sydney on holidays that you were looking forward to more holidays together, that you wanted to grow old with me and be with me forever - yet you were in the midst of your affair with K2 at the time!! How shallow does that sound?

I am angry because I have difficulty trusting you. I believed you were being honest up until the time I had solid proof of your first affair. After that I learned that your words often mean nothing to me. I wanted to believe you meant what you said, when you said you wouldn't hurt me again. I wanted to believe that you had learned from your BAD and UNFAIR choices by being involved with K1. I wanted to believe you could think about consequences of your actions on another human being BEFORE making bad choices and doing things that you KNEW would hurt me! I guess I HOPED that you had changed. I worked hard to try to trust you again, I worked hard for 7 years! I took you back after so many lies - for what??? To have you do it all over again!! Yes I'm very angry about that!

I am angry at myself for being so naive, trusting and unconscious. I'm angry at myself for not trusting my own intuition when I thought 'something is wrong'. I'm angry at myself for being so angry all the time.

I am angry that you have spoiled everything we do together, because now I am always scared that either of THEM might be where we are. I'm scared that my unreleased anger towards THEM might explode!

I am angry at myself because I see some things that you are doing after the affair to try to make up for all the hurt and I do appreciate it. But I am still angry. I'm angry because no matter how hard I try to believe you, after so many many lies, I struggle to believe you mean anything you say!

I am angry at HER for 'stealing my diseased pony'. Yes, both of your OTHER WOMEN stole you from me when you were weak. Both of them are sad people who got their ego boosts by thinking they were good because they could get another womans husband - they only got you because you were pathetic and weak!! They only got you because they were moral-less and they didn't care that all you did was have sex!! I'm angry because they didn't even think about me (a woman who had loved you for over 30 years) They didn't care that they were disrespecting and cheating someone! What else did you give them besides your manhood?? Oh that's right - Lies!

I am angry and upset, because YOU ARE BROKEN and you have destroyed ME!

I am angry that I still care about you.

15 November 2011

Tangle Giveaway

I am the Diva is having a tangle giveaway.
Visit her blog and be totally inspired by tangles and join the giveaway - you never know you could be the winner.

Tangling is taking over!!


Lorri xo

5 November 2011

In my etsy store soon......

I am having some more button badges and pocket mirrors made - which will soon be in my ETSY store.

I really like the way these designs are going to look - especially think we all need the "Keep Calm & Create Art" badge!! So look out for them in my store soon.

Please respect my designs, and do not copy without permission (they are copyright by me) Thank you.

3 November 2011

The Week As Art - Create Mixed Media Magazine

Sneak Peek at my artwork to be featured in Create Mixed Media Magazine

Hello Bloglanders :)

This is what is on my desk today - I managed to finish 7 pieces of 6x6 sized artworks. It took me from 1pm today until now midnight!

I have been selected to be featured in an online mixed media magazine featuring - numbers!!
"The Week As Art" by Create Mixed Media Woohoo, you all know I love numbers right? Well if you didn't, you do now! LOL

I welcomed a little break while watching the wonderful DEDE on UStream broadcast her 'all about you' collage night.

Wow, it was fun today to get arting again (I had lost my mojo for a bit there!!) - fun, albeit tiring... my wrists might need a little break tomorrow. Its all good though.

For the feature, I got requested to do a whole week in November. From the 27th November to the 3rd December. It also just happens to coincide with the 2nd anniversary of my Mum's passing on the 29th November. So it will be a little happiness among the sadness, around that date, as I honour my Mum's anniversary in art.

You, my lovely blog friends get to have a sneak peek -

I used acrylic paints on the backgrounds, with torn papers, rubber stamps - text, measuring tape, numbers and more. I loved using my 'stampotique' stamps and copic markers.
I had fun drawing the numbers onto various papers, then colouring the number edges and decorating them in a zentangle style. The borders of all pieces were then finished in a 'zettiology' style... quirky and fun and not too taxing for my fuzzed up mind of late!!

Why not visit the magazine, and check out the wonderful magazine it's full of freebies, articles and even an ONLINE STORE!

Thanks for visiting me today.

Lorri xo ((hugs))

21 October 2011

A gloomy Day

Today I went to see a new Rheumatologist after my old one (literally) retired!

The news wasn't that good. I also need to have lots more xrays and ultrasounds to further investigate the degeneration over the last 18 months.

There is a whole big long list of things going wrong with my body. Pain medication isn't working and I'm constantly struggling through pain 24 hours a day. I have medication to help me sleep and pain medication that just makes me like a zombie. (which I don't like) I take general pain medication and avoid the opiates as much as possible, when I can.

I am being referred to a pain management centre to try to work out a better pain management program to help me cope and to relieve pain.

I have had a lot of blood tests today, to check my kidneys, liver and inflammation.

The findings are extensive, and this is just a few - so I'm here whinging today - sorry :(

POLYARTHROPATHY - Osteoarthritis affecting multiple joints... HIPS, SHOULDERS worst.
FIBROMYALGIA - Muscular pain and burning muscles, tender points widespread. Nerve pain.

Extremely High levels of inflammation throughout my body.
Hip Trochanteric Bursitis (mostly LHS)
Hip Degeneration - osteoarthritis (Both hips)
Facet Joint degeneration - osteoarthritis
Shoulder bone abnormality RHS causing supraspinatus tendon tearing.
Shoulder Bursitis - Both shoulders
Shoulder Rotator Cuff tearing - Both shoulders
Osteoarthritis damage to both shoulders
Degenerative Knee problems
Degenerative Ankle problems
Plantar Fasciitis - why I can't stand on my feet in the mornings!!
Wrist and Ankle degeneration through the osteoarthritis
Deformation of index finger LHS - arthritis

I now am in need of Shoulder Arthroplasty - Basically shoulder replacements!!

I could be in line for a Hip Replacement!!

My left index finger has developed Heberden's nodes - a permanent bony outgrowth that often skews the fingertip sideways.

This is just my joints problems!! I also have other things like Hypothyroidism and Impaired Glucose Tolerance.

Then there is the emotional stuff I'm having to deal with - PFTT.

I think I will go have a glass of wine now, It can't hurt can it :)

I am 49 years old and feel 99.

If you got this far, thanks for reading and listening to my whinge for today. I'm trying to keep up a positive attitude as I know things could always be worse... but I'm really feeling Disheartened today - and I guess I worry about my art-producing abilities in the future.

Lots of Love & Hugs,

Me xo

19 October 2011


Here's the COPIC FAQ Link for further info - http://www.copicmarker.com/faq

Copic Markers are the original line of high quality illustrating tools used for decades by professionals around the world. Available in 214 colors, the Copic Marker style has nine replaceable nibs and refillable ink.

Sketch Markers come in all 346 colors. The replaceable Super Brush nib acts like a paintbrush in both feel and application. Sketch Markers feature refillable ink and optional nibs and are compatible with the Copic Airbrush System.


Ciao Markers offer all the features of our Sketch Marker, but in an economical size. Now available in 180 colors and featuring the same replaceable Super Brush and Medium Broad nib and refillable ink, the Ciao matches the Sketch in every area of quality for a lower price.


Today after discussions on one of my streams, I was using Copics and doing a demo. The discussion on Pro Markers inspired me to investigate any differences for anyone that may be looking at purchasing markers. I found some interesting pointers & information during my research from around the globe and various forums etc., Here's some information for consideration when deciding which markers you would like to purchase.

If anyone has any further information or links, please feel free to comment and I can include in this post.

These opinions are not all mine, nor do I say they are right or wrong - however I do tend to agree with most of them :)

Personally, I use Copics because they are refillable and I can replace the nibs if they get worn or if I want the same colour with a different style nib.. ie: Brush nib, bullet nib. The Copic Sketch markers also come in 334 colors...because even with that many, there are other colors I could use! LOL I also know they have been tried and tested. Pro markers look to only come in 148 colours. BOTH markers used individually can create shades of that same colour by laying more colour over the areas. This is because they are both transparent. I also like the fact that you can purchase refills to use for other things - just like good old alcohol inks!! So imagine the variety of alcohol inks you have with copic refills!! Lots cheaper than regular alcohol inks too. Also you can create your own coloured markers with Copics... get empty pens and mix refill inks together to create your totally Own unique colour blend :)

Now for some info I found online -

Alcohol Markers- Copic markers are alcohol (ethanol) based dye markers, that are known for being low-odor and giving smooth, vibrant colors. Since they are a dye, they will fade in bright lights, they are acid free on most surfaces. Anything with alcohol in it will react with these inks. Any Copic marker type is refillable with replaceable tips. They will not cause paper to pill when going over it many times, nor will they dissolve photocopies.

Blender- The Copic Colorless Blender pen/ink. This is ethanol based and is not the same as blender pens from some other companies. Used for fixing mistakes, making colors lighter and for special effects.

Regarding the INK in the markers - Promarkers do NOT have the same ink. Copic markers are ethanol, and pro markers have a different alcohol composition. Promarkers are not tested 3 times by hand before they are shipped to customers, and they do not have a 3year shelf-life guarantee (if you don't use a Copic marker for a while it will still be juicy, guaranteed).

Promarkers also smell more than Copic markers. Copic markers come in a whole lot more colors, and if you really want a super-fine nib, you can buy a Copic original marker and replace the fine nib with an even smaller nib.

As an artist, and not just someone who works for Copic, you will get more for your money with Copics and be happier in the long run.
marianne my blog: www.ilikemarkers.blogspot.com

I haven't used Promarkers but I have used Tria which are also made by Letraset and look very similar. I didn't like the feel of the chunkier barrel as much as the Copic Ciao or Sketch and the Copic nibs are hands down, different ball-park, better quality. I actually snapped a Tria nib just by putting the cap on slightly squint - yikes! My experience with those would put me off buying Promarkers. __________________
Joanne x

If you're looking for a firm, fine point, go with the Copic Original markers. If you want to try the unique brush that most people prefer then go for Sketch or Ciao. if possible, find someone who has them and try one first so you can see what we mean. try looking at a fine-art store, as they frequently have Copic markers.

If you have maybe made your selection, whether promarkers or copic,
however; you may want to consider that a "google search" brings up tons of
copic tutorials versus promarkers for a ton of information when it comes to copic combination colors to use, blending combinations to use, color combinations to buy for future purchases and tutorials with copics used in card craft listed. I've never
regretted copic

Here is a link about Promarkers - http://www.promarker.info/

Tria Flex (brush tip) Pro


  • Alcohol based, non-toxic, permanent ink
  • Multi surface application: use on paper, card, vellum, acetate, glass, wood, metal and plastic
  • Outstanding tone and vibrancy
  • Colours are transparent and can be overlaid to create a variety of tone and shading effects
  • Ideal for illustrators, students and hobbyists
  • Twin tipped allowing for a variety of strokes within one marker
  • 148 colours available

  • I hope this post clarified some differences between the markers, and showed why I choose COPIC as my marker of choice :)

    Thanks for visiting - stay creative!!

    Lorri xo