19 October 2011


Here's the COPIC FAQ Link for further info - http://www.copicmarker.com/faq

Copic Markers are the original line of high quality illustrating tools used for decades by professionals around the world. Available in 214 colors, the Copic Marker style has nine replaceable nibs and refillable ink.

Sketch Markers come in all 346 colors. The replaceable Super Brush nib acts like a paintbrush in both feel and application. Sketch Markers feature refillable ink and optional nibs and are compatible with the Copic Airbrush System.


Ciao Markers offer all the features of our Sketch Marker, but in an economical size. Now available in 180 colors and featuring the same replaceable Super Brush and Medium Broad nib and refillable ink, the Ciao matches the Sketch in every area of quality for a lower price.


Today after discussions on one of my streams, I was using Copics and doing a demo. The discussion on Pro Markers inspired me to investigate any differences for anyone that may be looking at purchasing markers. I found some interesting pointers & information during my research from around the globe and various forums etc., Here's some information for consideration when deciding which markers you would like to purchase.

If anyone has any further information or links, please feel free to comment and I can include in this post.

These opinions are not all mine, nor do I say they are right or wrong - however I do tend to agree with most of them :)

Personally, I use Copics because they are refillable and I can replace the nibs if they get worn or if I want the same colour with a different style nib.. ie: Brush nib, bullet nib. The Copic Sketch markers also come in 334 colors...because even with that many, there are other colors I could use! LOL I also know they have been tried and tested. Pro markers look to only come in 148 colours. BOTH markers used individually can create shades of that same colour by laying more colour over the areas. This is because they are both transparent. I also like the fact that you can purchase refills to use for other things - just like good old alcohol inks!! So imagine the variety of alcohol inks you have with copic refills!! Lots cheaper than regular alcohol inks too. Also you can create your own coloured markers with Copics... get empty pens and mix refill inks together to create your totally Own unique colour blend :)

Now for some info I found online -

Alcohol Markers- Copic markers are alcohol (ethanol) based dye markers, that are known for being low-odor and giving smooth, vibrant colors. Since they are a dye, they will fade in bright lights, they are acid free on most surfaces. Anything with alcohol in it will react with these inks. Any Copic marker type is refillable with replaceable tips. They will not cause paper to pill when going over it many times, nor will they dissolve photocopies.

Blender- The Copic Colorless Blender pen/ink. This is ethanol based and is not the same as blender pens from some other companies. Used for fixing mistakes, making colors lighter and for special effects.

Regarding the INK in the markers - Promarkers do NOT have the same ink. Copic markers are ethanol, and pro markers have a different alcohol composition. Promarkers are not tested 3 times by hand before they are shipped to customers, and they do not have a 3year shelf-life guarantee (if you don't use a Copic marker for a while it will still be juicy, guaranteed).

Promarkers also smell more than Copic markers. Copic markers come in a whole lot more colors, and if you really want a super-fine nib, you can buy a Copic original marker and replace the fine nib with an even smaller nib.

As an artist, and not just someone who works for Copic, you will get more for your money with Copics and be happier in the long run.
marianne my blog: www.ilikemarkers.blogspot.com

I haven't used Promarkers but I have used Tria which are also made by Letraset and look very similar. I didn't like the feel of the chunkier barrel as much as the Copic Ciao or Sketch and the Copic nibs are hands down, different ball-park, better quality. I actually snapped a Tria nib just by putting the cap on slightly squint - yikes! My experience with those would put me off buying Promarkers. __________________
Joanne x

If you're looking for a firm, fine point, go with the Copic Original markers. If you want to try the unique brush that most people prefer then go for Sketch or Ciao. if possible, find someone who has them and try one first so you can see what we mean. try looking at a fine-art store, as they frequently have Copic markers.

If you have maybe made your selection, whether promarkers or copic,
however; you may want to consider that a "google search" brings up tons of
copic tutorials versus promarkers for a ton of information when it comes to copic combination colors to use, blending combinations to use, color combinations to buy for future purchases and tutorials with copics used in card craft listed. I've never
regretted copic

Here is a link about Promarkers - http://www.promarker.info/

Tria Flex (brush tip) Pro


  • Alcohol based, non-toxic, permanent ink
  • Multi surface application: use on paper, card, vellum, acetate, glass, wood, metal and plastic
  • Outstanding tone and vibrancy
  • Colours are transparent and can be overlaid to create a variety of tone and shading effects
  • Ideal for illustrators, students and hobbyists
  • Twin tipped allowing for a variety of strokes within one marker
  • 148 colours available

  • I hope this post clarified some differences between the markers, and showed why I choose COPIC as my marker of choice :)

    Thanks for visiting - stay creative!!

    Lorri xo

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