26 August 2008

9x12 Mixed Media "PAIN"

Here's another one, this is the first one I started but did flit from paper to paper creating the two in the one sitting.... I prefer this one, I spent a bit more time on the background and the vintage papering.

It pretty much sums up how I feel about Pain!
You can click the image to see it in a full window and then zoom in to actually see the wording :)


  1. Your 9 x 12 pieces are amazing Lorri! It's incredible to express our feelings through our art! WOWSER on these!

  2. Lorri, your art work is just amazing!!! thanks for stopping over to visit me in my new "home"...i saw in your profile that you like Jodi Picoult, she is one of my favorite reads!!!

  3. Thank you ladies, your encouragement and support means the world to me. :)


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