8 May 2010

My Mothers Day Poem

With Mothers Day upon us, I sat today and wrote a poem....  It took me a few hours to get it all to make sense.....and yes it was a sad sack moment.

Ok, it was very sad - and yes I cried, but I also smiled as I thought about my Mum's Love, her warmth and her incredible strength. I found myself wanting to write more and more, but then just said things in my head - I was wondering, questioning and thinking that if spirit could be everywhere then maybe I didn't need to say or write anything. Thinking that my Mum would just *know* what I was thinking... well hoping she would. I wrote the poem anyway. So Mum, this is for you :)

My first Mothers Day without you

I sat beside you, Mum
As on death’s doorstep you laid.
I set my head upon your heart
And silently I prayed.

I let the tears run slowly,
and I listened to your breath.
At the time, I really didn't understand
or comprehend your death

I guess I didn't want to know,
Didn't want it to be real.
But now that you are gone
It's a silent emptiness I feel

The world to me shut off
the day your soul departed.
Together, our little family
are so deeply broken hearted.

We look into each others eyes
and know how we all feel.
But seldom do we mention it
as our own wounds we try to heal.

I try to block out the pain
the loneliness, the sorrow
I try to concentrate
On how to live tomorrow.

I sit alone, sometimes for hours
And listen to no sound.
I contemplate you being gone
and hope it's peace you found

The time for you came so suddenly
To enter Heaven’s Gate.
and all those years we had together,
I now have time to contemplate

I'm grateful for each moment,
and all the times that we did share.
I'm grateful for the love you gave us
and for showing us how to care.

I miss you with my heart & soul
and know that others do too.
You were my Mother & my friend,
and without you my world is blue

It’s only months since you passed
My wounds are not yet healing.
I want so much to hear your voice,
To hug you, to ask how you are feeling.

I could write so much for you Mum,
with all the stuff that's in my head.
Some days I just want to cry
and not get out of bed.

But when I think about you Mum,
and all that strength you were showing,
It gives me power & motivation
to try to keep on going.

I know you were worried
about how we would all cope,
But together we will make it
Because YOU gave us hope.

And Mum, you’ve never really gone
for it's within each of us you reside.
Forever always in our hearts
and always by our side.

You're our special angel
looking down upon us from above,
There's only one word to describe you Mum,
and that word is LOVE.

Happy Mothers Day Mum,
I love you and miss you with all my heart.


  1. What a beautiful tribute to the memory of your mother Lorri. xoxo on this Mother's Day.

  2. thank you all so much, I needed those hugs and kisses today :)

  3. Nice tribute to your mum.

    Happy blogoversary :)

  4. What a beautiful poem Lorri.. a lovely tribute to your Mom.. thank you.. said just what I've been thinking ...it does get better xoxo

  5. This is a beautiful poem of love for a mother. I lost my mum, my best friend 5 months ago. These words have helped me. Thank you x


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