20 October 2010

Tonight I spent some time going over some 'old' things from the last affair he had..... it was quite an eye opener.. nothing has changed... well nothing that needed to change has changed!!

Here's a poem I found that I had saved back in 2004........... when I discovered his 1st affair.

The Chair
I feel like that old torn-up and battered chair you see turned on it's side at the edge of the road. I was discarded there as if I had no value...just a useless piece of trash. He found himself another chair...one that was fresher...one that was more comfortable...one that could make him feel good. One that didn’t complain! He tried this chair out, he liked it so much that he used it over and over again, until this same chair also began to feel too comfortable, too boring. Someone told me about his other chair and then he finally admitted he had found another. Now he has finally begun his journey searching for the chair he left on the side of the road. He has gently picked it up and brought it home. After being left in the elements for so long it is not quite the same, but he doesn't mind. Hopefully he will tenderly clean it and try to restore it. It is not strong enough to hold him now, but that's OK. He will derive pleasure from working to make it whole, so that one day he can again sit in the most beautiful, comfortable chair in the world and hopefully that chair will be strong enough to hold him, to wrap it’s arms around him and make him feel safe. Otherwise it will rot wherever it rests.

Once again I feel like the discarded chair......... only this time, I don't think he will be able to 'restore' it, for it has been too badly damaged.


  1. You are NOT a discarded chair. He's a cad. He doesn't need a chair of your beauty because he'd just wreck it with his ignorance of fine furniture. Let him go deal with plastic patio chairs. You deserve better.

  2. Oh my gosh, Lorri. That was beautifully written. And you chose such a beautiful metaphor for your pain. I am sorry you are suffering. The point is, though, you will find a fine connoisseur of furniture who will pick you up and make you whole again.:)

  3. Thank you ladies, you both have made me feel more worthy ((hugs))
    I loved your 'patio chair' comment Pretty Things... and a connoisseur was such a nice way of putting it too readingsully2 :)



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