5 October 2010

One day rolls into the next

I've been trying to keep busy making jewellery for an upcoming fair...... but the recent events still shock me........ still hurt to my core.

it hurts like hell.............
I'm still so angry - at BOTH of THEM!!
I just can't believe it all.
It's a saga, an ongoing saga.
I try to build myself each day, and each day I cry.
Sunday I sobbed and cried pretty much the entire day!

Yesterday I made a tutu skirt for the table with Bec - well half of it with Bec. I finished it last night.

Today I am going to try to make more jewellery, perhaps I should journal or finish some of my paintings - but I have a big mess around my table, and can't find the energy needed to tidy up. So it's easier to do the jewellery at this point.

My head hurts quite frequently..... stress? crying? mentally being obsessed with crap? anxiety?
Who knows, but I'm over it....

I want to run away - I need FAITH, I need to breathe! I need motivation.

Perhaps I should photograph the pretty things I've made, even that will take me forever and I just can't find the motivation!

Maybe later......

For now, I just sigh.


  1. Lorri, It will get better, I know it doesn't seem like it right now but it will. When you feel like crying - cry, when you feel angry - tear some paper and make collages, pour yourself into your art - that's good therapy. I've walked in your shoes, just take it a minute at a time.

  2. Lorri I am so sorry that you are going through this terrible ordeal. This is the last thing you need to deal with right now.
    Definitely feel your anger, and emotions, get them out of your system, and soon enough, you will be ready to really leave it all behind. No one needs this crap in their life. If people can't trust each other, there isn't much left.
    I know women who have had something similar happen, and they are so happy right now, they finally had a chance to find out who they were, and how to make themselves happy.
    Just keep hanging in there,

  3. Pretty things can help, and I know you make pretty things. Other than that, a good scream in the car with the windows rolled up does wonders.


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