29 June 2010

Larger View of "Look Within"

I decided to give this painting a more earthy colour tone. After a base coat on the background, I began with the edging and worked my way into the picture instead of working from the face outward like I usually do. If I was working in photoshop digitally with this print there would be about 7-8 layers of paints. The painted over collage image I used is credited to Ceremony. I picked the angels image, because the main Angel in the image looks similar to my painting - and it feels like the little cherubs are whispering positive affirmations into her ears - "Yes, You are creative, You can be creative"

Larger view of "Breathe Deeply"

Something soft and pretty from me? Yes, and I actually enjoyed creating this painting - it was somehow soothing.
I wanted the text to be specific for this piece, so i printed out the words I wanted and lightly painted over them with the same pink paint before adhering to the girls dress.

When I feel stressed (often with anxiety) and need to step away from things for a while, I will revert to some cognitive behaviour that I learned a few years ago.  The repetition of positive affirmations to change the thought patterns is very powerful. This painting is inspired by one of the more common affirmations I use when I need to.

What you need to do, is take a deep breath inwards (diaphragmatic breathing) and whilst holding the breath affirm out loud -
Breathing Deeply Calms me
then slowly exhale the breath and affirm out loud -
I am relaxed

Take your time, and repeat this process for at least 10 times in succession - take a regular breath in between if you need to.  You will notice yourself feeling calmer almost immediately after finishing ten affirmations. 
I have affirmations for various things, but for now, that's it, that's just ONE of about 12 affirmations I have to use.. but I usually only use 2 or 3 regularly.

How I created the painting:  I began with the girls face and worked my way outwards and around her. I chose a soft pink and aqua colour for her hair and used the same colours in the background and her dress.

I used my favourite rubber stamps, added some writing around her hair in a soft subtle white gel pen, then added some doodling and collaged some 'itkupilli' & 'artchix' collage elements along with some torn papers to blend in with the colour scheme.

So now, it's time for you my friends to Breathe Deeply and Let peace fill you :))

28 June 2010

Breathe Deeply

Breathe Deeply
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Here's the softer prettier one :)

Look within & see your creative spirit

Mixed Media painting from a sketch that I completed a while ago. The other day I finished a soft pretty pink one, so I wanted to do something darker and grungier :)

27 June 2010

Crescendoh - readers share

I was featured on Crescendoh blog - it's a bare it all, tell it all. Those that know me and have followed my blog might already know me, but may discover a few new things - pop by and see:)

23 June 2010

Rosey Cheeks

Over the last two nights I created a new painting.  I didn't scan or save the sketch because when I work on the backgrounds first I tend to just start to draw and then paint over the backgrounds without stopping.

I had fun playing around with a different style. While browsing the blogs I follow I noticed a lot of the quirky little drawings had circles for cheeks, so thought I would give it a go.

Here's my first circular cheek :))

22 June 2010

Prints abound

I got some more of my artwork printed... my kitchen table full of arty goodness :)

18 June 2010

Art among other things

A lot has happened lately, plans that were made have been changed.
New changes have been made.
Progress is coming.
Art has been made.

Remember this sketch?
It became "Family Ties"

Remember this WIP?

It became "Sing your own melody"

A new one:

"The appearance of natural beauty"
Thank you for visiting, which is your favourite today?

1 June 2010


Sometimes life events leave us altered.
Here's my painting of the same name.

Before: Original sketch - "Pouting"

After -  "Altered"