29 June 2010

Larger view of "Breathe Deeply"

Something soft and pretty from me? Yes, and I actually enjoyed creating this painting - it was somehow soothing.
I wanted the text to be specific for this piece, so i printed out the words I wanted and lightly painted over them with the same pink paint before adhering to the girls dress.

When I feel stressed (often with anxiety) and need to step away from things for a while, I will revert to some cognitive behaviour that I learned a few years ago.  The repetition of positive affirmations to change the thought patterns is very powerful. This painting is inspired by one of the more common affirmations I use when I need to.

What you need to do, is take a deep breath inwards (diaphragmatic breathing) and whilst holding the breath affirm out loud -
Breathing Deeply Calms me
then slowly exhale the breath and affirm out loud -
I am relaxed

Take your time, and repeat this process for at least 10 times in succession - take a regular breath in between if you need to.  You will notice yourself feeling calmer almost immediately after finishing ten affirmations. 
I have affirmations for various things, but for now, that's it, that's just ONE of about 12 affirmations I have to use.. but I usually only use 2 or 3 regularly.

How I created the painting:  I began with the girls face and worked my way outwards and around her. I chose a soft pink and aqua colour for her hair and used the same colours in the background and her dress.

I used my favourite rubber stamps, added some writing around her hair in a soft subtle white gel pen, then added some doodling and collaged some 'itkupilli' & 'artchix' collage elements along with some torn papers to blend in with the colour scheme.

So now, it's time for you my friends to Breathe Deeply and Let peace fill you :))

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