18 June 2010

Art among other things

A lot has happened lately, plans that were made have been changed.
New changes have been made.
Progress is coming.
Art has been made.

Remember this sketch?
It became "Family Ties"

Remember this WIP?

It became "Sing your own melody"

A new one:

"The appearance of natural beauty"
Thank you for visiting, which is your favourite today?


  1. All of your paintings and sketches are beautiful! I think Family Ties is my favourite.

  2. Lovely! I like seeing the before and after.

  3. They are all awesome but pink is my favorite. :) Change is good. Embrace it! :)

  4. Thanks for stopping by,my blog:) Your work is wonderful. Such deeply soulful eyes in your women. Thanks for posting such beauty.Peace, Bridgette


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