3 October 2012

Random creations from long ago... & What I've been doing, why I've been MIA!

Hi lovelies,
Well this has been a while coming, a blog update! Woohoo. The above art is the most recent thing I've done - this was from LIFEBOOK 2012 class by Ady Almanza - I had fun doing this, not my usual style - but great fun to do, and I was happy with the way she turned out...

I have also been busy listing my shop closure stocks onto the facebook group - Aussie Garage Sale - lots of bargains to be had over there!

It's been keeping me very busy, and away from my usual facebook time haha! as well as away from my art and blog.
In fact I'm feeling a little art-starved, so I think I will make it a goal to actually DO some art soon.

Over the last few days I have been trawling through my computer files and was actually very suprised at the quantity of art/crafty things I have produced over the years.
I see things being created now, that I had a play with years ago! Isn't it strange how things do a circle, and what was once popular, then faded, now has recurred again as the 'in thing'... it happens.
Life is a circle, and I'm still going around in them personally.
Things haven't changed much on that front :(
Anyway, I thought I would upload some OLD pictures, of things that I made a while ago - I look back and think, wow, that was awful on some of them - but we all learn and develop our skills as we practice - so go and practice some more she says! LOL

7 August 2012

Kit Time :)

I've had some fun putting some gorgeous new kits together - They are now available on my ETSY store while stocks last. I don't repeat kits, so they can all be different and contain a variety of items for jewellery making, beading and embellishing. If you are like me, you will just love having them to pet and admire! LOL


5 July 2012

Catch up

8 weeks since I blogged, I can't believe how fast time does fly by.
Nothing much has happened, same stuff different day basically.
I've been playing with art - which I love, and would like to do more of.
I thought I would do a catch up post and just show some of the hings that I have been messing with :)

Enjoy xxx

Thats my little stall at the art market - 3m x 3m isn't very big to fit all my stuff inside! But it was a good day, with lots of positive feedback and sales :)

This is my design for my badges - please respect my copyright :) Thank you.

Doodle class from LB2012, Created the words for myself to read everyday!! LOL

Just a quick little painting

Urgh, colours from scan are terrible... it's much softer and nicer in real life ;)

Loving this girly

Old journal page, not sure if I uploaded it here yet or not.

I feel the hurt coming out of myself and pouring onto this page.

Tweet little necklace I made from acrylic, collage and stuff.

Wings to fly

sketch and my grubby rubby - oops, love that!

3 May 2012

It's Holiday Time, so I thought how cool would it be to 'tangle' my own suitcase. This way if it goes along the conveyer belt I will spot it easily :)

I didn't overdo it, and could easily have continued to fill the case. Somehow it seemed to say stop, that's enough. So I left it as it is - I guess I can also see the front of the case, as its more tangled than the back :)

If you like this idea, then please let me know. Also if you decide to tangle your own cases after this inspiration - I would LOVE to see them!

I would love to get my 'tangles' onto some real cases out in the big wide world....... anyone recommend a manufacturer to me? Teehee.... GUESS? Are you listening! You need me to Tangle your stuff. ROFL

7 March 2012


I finished my Frida Tangle :)
Please respect my copyright - if you want to use this image - just ask and I'm happy to share!

29 February 2012

Lose it Like Bec

I'm so proud of my Bec - So far she has lost 25 kilos! and looks amazing for it - and is feeling it too.

Check out her blogpost here - LOSE IT LIKE BEC

She won't put photo's up until she has reached her goal - but that shouldn't be too much longer!! Then you will just say the biggest WOW!

28 February 2012

Hold onto your heart

Today I spent All Day, yes ALL DAY painting, collaging and getting messy. I loved it :)
Now I need to draw a little string from her finger to her heart, then add some words.......
I'm thinking "Hold onto your heart"

This thinking comes about from a couple of things - the first being that I recently saw my father let his heart go to someone in China - who wasn't who he thought she was, he was besotted by emails written by an interpreter not the girl in his 'pictures' and thus had his heart hurt :(
I think we must hold onto our hearts, and not give them away too easily, without really knowing who we are tending them to.
I want to be sure that my heart isn't hurt again, and I'm holding onto it really tight at the moment - perhaps a little too tight, as I'm not able to let the love in.
So I guess finding a balance, as we have to do with most things, is the trick.

I hope you enjoyed my painting -

Thanks also goes to Tam from Lifebook for all the different lessons, inspirations and prompts along this my creative journey for 2012.

27 February 2012

Journal Challenge

Feeling up for a JOURNAL challenge?

40 questions to ponder, and journal about -
(and make you THINK hard about your life and yourself!!)

My daughter Bec shared this link with me and I think this is a MUST READ AND ANSWER challenge!

I would also love to hear your responses.

How about a blog post of your own?

I would welcome the link to your post, so we can 'share' our answers & journal pages with each other.

Asking the right questions is the answer…

It’s not the answers you get from others that will help you, but the questions you ask of yourself. Here are 40 thought-provoking questions to help you refresh and refocus your thinking:


Thought Questions


Thought Questions


Thought Questions


Thought Questions


Thought Questions


Thought Questions


Thought Questions


Thought Questions


Thought Questions


Thought Questions


Thought Questions


Thought Questions


Thought Questions


Thought Questions


Thought Questions


Thought Questions


Thought Questions


Thought Questions


Thought Questions


Thought Questions


Thought Questions


Thought Questions


Thought Questions


Thought Questions


Thought Questions


Thought Questions


Thought Questions


Thought Questions


Thought Questions


Thought Questions


Thought Questions


Thought Questions


Thought Questions


Thought Questions


Thought Questions


Thought Questions


Thought Questions


Thought Questions


Thought Questions


Thought Questions