5 July 2012

Catch up

8 weeks since I blogged, I can't believe how fast time does fly by.
Nothing much has happened, same stuff different day basically.
I've been playing with art - which I love, and would like to do more of.
I thought I would do a catch up post and just show some of the hings that I have been messing with :)

Enjoy xxx

Thats my little stall at the art market - 3m x 3m isn't very big to fit all my stuff inside! But it was a good day, with lots of positive feedback and sales :)

This is my design for my badges - please respect my copyright :) Thank you.

Doodle class from LB2012, Created the words for myself to read everyday!! LOL

Just a quick little painting

Urgh, colours from scan are terrible... it's much softer and nicer in real life ;)

Loving this girly

Old journal page, not sure if I uploaded it here yet or not.

I feel the hurt coming out of myself and pouring onto this page.

Tweet little necklace I made from acrylic, collage and stuff.

Wings to fly

sketch and my grubby rubby - oops, love that!

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