28 May 2008

Horizon d'or Blanc Necklace

I found this little necklace while browsing flickr - I am so impressed by the care and attention in the presentation of the beautiful necklace, that I wanted to share it with my blog friends :)


Look - I have used those beautiful background paper by Marilyn already! - They inspired me.

Originally uploaded by auslorri
Painted background, and inked background text. Dictionary definition. Chipboard 'cog' and rubber stamping.

create your dream

create your dream
Originally uploaded by auslorri
Background painted by: http://www.marilyninmyroom.blogspot.com/



Originally uploaded by auslorri
A fun tag I made using a quirky "budgie smuggler" stamp LOL
Mist spritzed background, inking, writing.

sepia sight

sepia sight
Originally uploaded by auslorri
Tim Holtz crackle painted background, image transfer, drawing and doodling.

Look what I got today...

I was so thrilled to receive these cards in my mail box today by a new online friend Marilyn - check out her gorgeous work on her blog (linked on the title of the post)

She's Scrappy

Found this gorgeous Maya Road altered box today - by She's Scrappy.
I hope it inspires you.

21 May 2008

artivity product header cropped copy

cropped for more detail

etsy artivity banner copy

etsy artivity banner copy
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I finally did it :)
This is my banner - to my ETSY store and my blogs - all nice and consistent.
Now to just add some products and find a way to get visitors!

20 May 2008

Artivity Product Header Card

I have designed this card tonight, to include with my proposed product line that I hope to sell from my ETSY store/blog in-store at Scrappindipity. I wanted something to reflect my art style and cards - So went with the hand-made theme. I collaged the piece and will then get some cards printed to include with sales (thats the plan anyway) lol
Now I need to get the products happening!!


Process photos from digital cameras
Created with dumpr.net - fun with your photos

Opinions please

I'm not really totally happy with any of them :( grrrrrr

Opinions please

Artivity - The activity of art... simple sweet. It's what I do!
I like to have artivity everyday - but some I don't get around to it, others are filled with activity - but not artivity.

Is it a good name for an ETSY or MADEIT Store?
Should I come up with something new?
Leave it as it is, because it represents me on my already established blogs too?
Should I use my 'name' in my store name - or is that too corny..

Banners - I need one, I can't make one :(
I like everyone elses and can't decide on the one I would like - I don't want to copy anything - it must be made from my art - where do I start......

hmm off to look for banner stuff.


Blog Woes..... which blog? - TAKE TWO

I read through my responses, of most which came from my VOX blog. Then thought, ok, what do I do. I'm still not much wiser..LOL
I appreciate everyones comments and tips, so thank you all.
More thought is needed on this. (or a new blog site that accommodates all my needs in one)..LOL
One common feedback from chatting to people about vox vs blogger is this... we all love visitors and feedback from users is important in blogging (well i think so)It's nice to meet people with the same likes/dislikes etc, and unite in what we have passions for.
I wouldn't want to miss out on my friends from vox here at blogger, and vice versa.
So for now, It looks like two blogs ... sigh.
Will keep you posted.....


19 May 2008

Tag You're It!!

I was tagged, :) by the very talented Stacy - see her gorgeous works here...
Thank you Stacy for considering me too!

The rules of the game are as follows:

1. Link back to the person that tagged you.
2. Post these rules on your blog.
3. Share six unimportant things about yourself.
4. Tag six people at the end of your entry.

O.K. So here goes with the six unimportant things about me... (even though I believe everything about everyone IS important - so here's some 'random' facts)

1. I like "Irish" accents
2. I turn the pages of my books in bed with one hand!! (hubby thinks it's cool)
3. I need to lose 10 kilos!!
4. I worry too much
5. I believe in Karma

I have tagged the following 6 ladies whose work & blogs I absolutely love!


9 May 2008

Blog Woes..... which blog?

Here is my posting from my VOX BLOG...
I would really appreciate you reading and replying with any advice......

Does anyone else get frustrated with all the blogs around? I just can't keep up with them all - Any suggestions for an easy way... I have subscribed to some posts - but then they all seem to subscribe through different portals and I end up with so many emails with links all over the place. It would be good to have them all neatly in one place... I like neat!!
Another blog woe of mine is that here at VOX you can't have more than the 5 links - and i take up 3 of them with my own links to my other sites..........
Over at blogspot - yes, I try to keep two blogs running (don't know why i double post and miss things from one to the other) crazy, crazy, crazy......... so I'm trying to ascertain WHICH is the best blog to keep.

I like vox - I like the way you can post easily, I like the format, I love having 'friends' here - and links to the friends and neighbours. That's important to me, sharing and visiting people.
Over at blogspot (blogger?) you can't have friends :( How sad is that - you can however have a large list of links/blogroll call it what you want......... but no friends :(
I would like them to include a 'neighbourhood' or 'friends' section... yet here at vox I would like to have more links to share my fave blogs with others.

Sometimes I have found the most amazing people and made such nice friends just by wandering around other peoples links and visiting several different pages.

My blogs lack visitors - and I like visitors - I lack link-backs too...... so help me out if you can.

At blogger there is this cool little widget (FEEDJIT) thingamajig that lets me know where my visitors have come from.
i like that :)

I also like the look of blogger....... but not as much as VOX.

The other main thing I don't like about VOX is that you can't have VISITORS comment unless they have joined VOX themselves......... this really sucks I think. I also think it's so limiting to VOX itself... if they let visitors comment on postings, who knows they might actually get more customers themselves from that.

I know people have visited my vox, then emailed me privately saying "I cant comment or anything" and yup, thats true... who is going to go to the hassle of joining somewhere else just to say "i like this".??? I wouldn't either.

Yet at Blogspot, you can post a comment as a 'visitor' or guest........

So my dilemma is this - which blog do you think I should keep???

Please check me out here and there - and feel free to tell me which you prefer.

I am going to post this over at blogspot and ask the same question.
Oh another woe - you can't "SELECT ALL" of your friends/neighbours to send a post to via vox... and I'm not sure you can send a post to anyone at blogspot?

Any of you that find you can't 'comment' to my vox (those from blogger) please email me privately:


I would really really appreciate your help and constructive criticism and advice on blogging..........



FOOTNOTE FOR BLOGGER...... It seems I can email a post to people, but need to enter individual email addresses.... eeew TOO HARD!!

Diary Project 2009

Lucy is doing the project again - if you would like to reserve a page in the diary see the link below.
The idea is that several (over 300) artists all participate in creating a diary page, which is put together and then sold - you get your own copy at a discounted price if you participate too.
It's great to have a diary, and especially one with other artists work in it. There are so many links to all the other wonderful artists who are participating - so come along and join us :)

6 May 2008

ATC's & ACEO's galore

Yes, it's a big upload on one day. I finally managed to get around to scanning my recent artwork...... YAY

Still More new cards...

More New Cards

New Cards

I finally got around to scanning my latest cards I have made... take a look-

Back to Business

Ok, it's been almost 4 weeks since I posted. I have been making a few atc's / aceo's just haven't had the time or motivation to scan and upload.... but getting my mojo back slowly - so check back soon for more art.