20 May 2008

Blog Woes..... which blog? - TAKE TWO

I read through my responses, of most which came from my VOX blog. Then thought, ok, what do I do. I'm still not much wiser..LOL
I appreciate everyones comments and tips, so thank you all.
More thought is needed on this. (or a new blog site that accommodates all my needs in one)..LOL
One common feedback from chatting to people about vox vs blogger is this... we all love visitors and feedback from users is important in blogging (well i think so)It's nice to meet people with the same likes/dislikes etc, and unite in what we have passions for.
I wouldn't want to miss out on my friends from vox here at blogger, and vice versa.
So for now, It looks like two blogs ... sigh.
Will keep you posted.....


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