9 May 2008

Blog Woes..... which blog?

Here is my posting from my VOX BLOG...
I would really appreciate you reading and replying with any advice......

Does anyone else get frustrated with all the blogs around? I just can't keep up with them all - Any suggestions for an easy way... I have subscribed to some posts - but then they all seem to subscribe through different portals and I end up with so many emails with links all over the place. It would be good to have them all neatly in one place... I like neat!!
Another blog woe of mine is that here at VOX you can't have more than the 5 links - and i take up 3 of them with my own links to my other sites..........
Over at blogspot - yes, I try to keep two blogs running (don't know why i double post and miss things from one to the other) crazy, crazy, crazy......... so I'm trying to ascertain WHICH is the best blog to keep.

I like vox - I like the way you can post easily, I like the format, I love having 'friends' here - and links to the friends and neighbours. That's important to me, sharing and visiting people.
Over at blogspot (blogger?) you can't have friends :( How sad is that - you can however have a large list of links/blogroll call it what you want......... but no friends :(
I would like them to include a 'neighbourhood' or 'friends' section... yet here at vox I would like to have more links to share my fave blogs with others.

Sometimes I have found the most amazing people and made such nice friends just by wandering around other peoples links and visiting several different pages.

My blogs lack visitors - and I like visitors - I lack link-backs too...... so help me out if you can.

At blogger there is this cool little widget (FEEDJIT) thingamajig that lets me know where my visitors have come from.
i like that :)

I also like the look of blogger....... but not as much as VOX.

The other main thing I don't like about VOX is that you can't have VISITORS comment unless they have joined VOX themselves......... this really sucks I think. I also think it's so limiting to VOX itself... if they let visitors comment on postings, who knows they might actually get more customers themselves from that.

I know people have visited my vox, then emailed me privately saying "I cant comment or anything" and yup, thats true... who is going to go to the hassle of joining somewhere else just to say "i like this".??? I wouldn't either.

Yet at Blogspot, you can post a comment as a 'visitor' or guest........

So my dilemma is this - which blog do you think I should keep???

Please check me out here and there - and feel free to tell me which you prefer.

I am going to post this over at blogspot and ask the same question.
Oh another woe - you can't "SELECT ALL" of your friends/neighbours to send a post to via vox... and I'm not sure you can send a post to anyone at blogspot?

Any of you that find you can't 'comment' to my vox (those from blogger) please email me privately:


I would really really appreciate your help and constructive criticism and advice on blogging..........



FOOTNOTE FOR BLOGGER...... It seems I can email a post to people, but need to enter individual email addresses.... eeew TOO HARD!!


  1. Hey Lorri! Plus here at Blogger you get music! I like the links listed, and of course the art. I also left a message at Vox. Missing you!

  2. Hi there.. Had a look at both your Blogs... never seen a VOX blog before, perhaps they haven't reached the sunny UK LOL... whatever you decide, don't disappear, just found your blogs and you have some fanatstic stuff

    Love from The UK's Grumpy old woman!

  3. Lorri; thanks for your lovely comments on my Blog. I, too, was in awe of your chess set from Kerri's challenge! Amazing! I love Blogging and have connected with some really super people. I enjoy Blogger. I've only been blogging for a little over a year and I still don't know all that Blogger offers; I kind of just "get by". I'm not a tech person and it takes me forever to learn something. I'd love to link your Blog on mine if that's okay.??? Enjoy your weekend. Thank you, again, for your lovely words.

  4. I think both of your blogs are great, but I do think that the fact that only members can leave a comment on the Vox one would irritate me a bit. I like Blogger, but have only been blogging for a couple of months and have never tried any others so don't know the difference. I chose Blogger because it was what all my friends were using and I thought it would be easier to leave comments etc if I used the same one.

  5. amazing .... I am in a small yahoo group with two of your commenters above. Whichever blog you use, it is humbling to find that the world is becoming smaller by the day. I found this blog via art-e-ezine BTW.

    I have to admit that I would go for blogger (and I do) if only because it is easier for non members to leave a comment. I have had other blogs and sites where it was not possible for friends to comment without registering - and I found that to be a definite no-no.

    I have enjoyed your art, thanks for sharing



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