21 January 2009

Giveaway - Suprise Prize over $100 (au) retail

Ok, what's this all about?

I have been thinking about my upcoming birthday, and birthdays are all about gifts, so on my birthday, I want to give one of my blog friends a chance to win a gift.........

So, I thought about a 'giveaway' on my blog - many bloggers are doing it and I love giveaways myself...... (not that I have ever yet won any lol!!)

I would also love some more blog love - so hence the idea to host my own giveaway!

I own a paper art store, so have many delicious items I could use for a giveaway.
So after a little thought - I have decided to have one!! As I co-own the store with my daughter Bec, I thought I better make an incentive for her to agree to me giving away a stash of prizes..... so here's the catch -

To be eligible to win this giveaway, there are a couple of things I would like you to do....

1. Visit Scrappindipity's blog and make a comment letting us know what you think of our new look website/logo etc ...... leave your blog address, so we can visit your blog too!

2. Make a post about this giveaway on your blog, linking to this blog post

3. Ok, you thought it was going to be easy - like all the others right?....... nah - just for the fun of it, I would like you to tell me - in the comment section to this post - what you would like to see more of, on either my blog, the Scrappindipity blog or both! and let me know that you have commented on the Scrappindipity blog and posted about this giveaway on your blog.....

I will randomly draw a winner - On my birthday 5th Feb :)

Good Luck Everyone!

Re the Prize:
You will not know what you are going to get - I know you love suprises!! So lets say the value of the giveaway will definately be over $100 (au) retail and will contain:

ATC's - that I have made :)
ATC / ACEO supplies
Embellishments - brads, eyelets, fibre
Papers - never can have too many papers!!!! and probably a lot more other bits and pieces....


  1. I love the stuff that you are doing here on your blog. I have been following since I found you on Flickr. I would really love you to explain your projects a bit more on here, techniques used etc. I enjoyed my visit to Scrapindipity today, you have such a lot of stuff on there and I am going to enjoy looking at it in detail. Your blog candy sounds great and I would love a chance to win!I have linked you on my blog!

  2. I have left a comment on your Scrappindipity site as well as promoted it on my own blog. That's pretty swell of you to give us your presents!

    I love your Artivity blog and the only thing I would like to see more of is, well, more! It's very inspiring to see lovely art created. I also enjoy reading some personal stuff occasionally too... but maybe because I feel like we're friends through Paper Traders and therefore I'm more interested in what's happening with you.

    Unfortunately, I don't have much to suggest about the Scrappindipity site because I usually try to find my art supplies State-side since the international shipping can be murder! In scrolling through, I think it's fabulous that you post coupons frequently - who doesn't love another excuse to shop? I guess the best suggestion I would make is having a way for people to actually see what's in stock, what's available for purchase.

    Thanks again for sharing your birthday with all of us. May this year be your best one yet!

  3. I have left a comment on your Scrappindipity site as well as promoted it on my own blog. I think yours and the shops blogs are great the only thing that you could do more of for me is online tutes.
    PS I love your music choices.

  4. I also left a message on the scrappindipity blog, I love your artwork, I view your blog often and scrappindipity aswell. I am involved in the swaps and now as I found out we also have arty oz in common. My only suggestion is more photos, purely so I can have more to look at hehe....

  5. I've checked all the boxes, dotted all the i's, left a comment on the Scrappindipity site and crossed my fingers! Thanks for the blog giveaway. Cheers!

  6. Happy Early Birthday!! How fabulous that you are having a giveaway! I love surprises (especially if they contain the gorgeous dragonfly paper on the Scrappindipity blog)! hehehehe

  7. Early wishes for a most Happy Birthday!!
    I left a comment on the Scrappendipity blog as well as a mention on my blog. I would like to see more tutorials :)

  8. Ah, little did I know I had to leave a msg here to tell you what I wanted to see more of on your blog! I wanted to see "more options for music"! LOL!
    I was going to mention your giveaway even before I saw rule #2 ;)
    I just want to see lots and lots of your artwork (as I am in dire need of inspiration)... really EYE CANDY, PLEASE!! NO CALORIES!!! *grin*

  9. I think I have done this right. I did post a comment on Scrappindipity and added a post to my blog here:

    This is a good blog, Lorri. Have been having a bit of fun poking around here. :-)

    Suggestions for the Scrappindipity site...
    I would love to be able to see the products you have for sale, even though I try to shop in the USA because of postage concerns sometimes I do buy things I can't get here if I can see them first.

    I would love to see lots of tutorials and how-to posts as I am always looking for new ideas and techniques.

    I think that specials and the coupons are a good thing.

    I would suggest weekly updates to the blog...that would keep people coming back to see what is new. Sometimes it might just be a little message about what classes are activities are coming up, another time it might be about specials, then maybe one about a technique or tutorial, or even just one to highlight a special project or class complete with examples of competed projects.

    Oh, one more thing...I didn't see the One World One Heart logo on your site. If you are not participating, you might consider that...I guess it is not too late. It surely would get lots of people to visit your blog, and perhaps come back for more info in the future. Just a thought.

    Other than that I can't think of much else to suggest. I hope I win your contest because you Aussies have some great products we don't see here...like those collection chipboard shapes for one. I have hunted all over for them!

  10. I have bookmarked this blog for future viewing, because you really seem to have a wide variety of talents, and I can't wait to see what else you create. I agree that it would be great to have simple instructions if you ever have the time. And I would love to see that with layouts on your scrapbooking site as well. I like the personal touch a lot, because it makes me feel connected to and sort of invested in the business, so I personally like to see that it's a mother/daughter thing and would enjoy funny little tidbits about the two of you, that sort of thing.

    I did post a link to this giveaway on my blog, since some of my favorite readers are Australians. And I commented on your Scrappindipity site as well. That is a great name, by the way!

  11. First thank you for dropping by my blog for the OWOH event.

    I wouldn't want to miss this chance also. Advance happy birthday.

    I link your blog and scrappindity in my blog.

    I left a comment in scrappindity blog also. I would loved to see some challenges and new items in your scrappindity blog. As for your blog, its great as it is. you did a very nice job and great artworks too.

    Its nice meeting you.

  12. i already commented over at Scrappindipity and will post on my blog about you later today! This is so much FUN! well, since this is my first time here, i just have to visit more to see more! :D But i LOVE what you share! Thank you so much for the chance to win my passion, papers & stuff! WOOHOO! hehe Hope you have a WONDERFUL day! :D

  13. I left a message on Scrappindipity and have added a link on my blog!
    I loved the blog, but I thought a lot of space was not being used.
    thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!
    connie williams

  14. You seem such a vibrant person. It would be fun to meet you in person. I like what I see so far, and have put a link about you in my site http://metamor4sis.com/2009/01/25/blog-candy/

    However, I am based in Malaysia, so I am not sure if you can ship here should I win your birthday draw. It would be superb if you could and I did!

    For my OWOH giveaway, I set aside two things but please feel free to browse around and comment on my other posts.




  15. I have left a comment on your Scrappindipity site as well as posted about it with a link on my own blog.
    I would like to see more written instructions to go with the photo tutorials. I look forward to future content As you say you have never won any blog candy why not have a go at winning the giveaway on my blog Hugs juliet

  16. I love surprises! I left a comment on your cute Scrappindipity blog, too. I would add more pictures to the site. I just think images spice it up. Please enter me in your drawing & come check out mine, too!


  17. Your blog is wonderful, so much inspiration. Not much to change here though. Maybe, I would like to see more of your techniques u use by yr creations:))) Greetings from Lucia, Slovakia

  18. What a wonderful giveaway. I went to the Scrappindipity blog and made a comment. I love to see pictures on blogs. I love free tutorials every once in awhile. I really love it when blogs offer a free vintage image download every once in awhile. I have put this great giveaway on my blog. http://angelandspot.blogspot.com/

  19. Awsome!Please enter me in your giveaway :)

    I like the black, red and white on your website, but the dots get a bit distracting when you are trying to read the tutorial. I love the way you have your gallery set up. You click on the picture and it pops up nice and big.
    I did also leave a call out for your blog on my blog: http://www.angelfire.com/ks/BurningRubber
    Pick me, pick me :)

  20. HI! I have been browsing around your blog and store, i love your gallery and would love to see more art done.
    hint hint----do you need a spotlight designer?
    I have also blogged about the giveaway

    I also left a comment over at Scrappindipity.

    Art on sistahs

  21. What a great giveaway. Have posted you on my blog and been over to the web site for a look around and to post.


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