16 January 2009

Published in the Gallery - ArtTrader magazine

What a suprise I got today, when I received an email about the ArtTrader Magazine producing a book later this year. They were letting me know that I might have some of my artwork published. It's a great magazine, so a comprehensive book would be fabulous!

I went to the current issue (5) of the magazine and there I was in the gallery section. Three of my cards all nicely lined up smiling at me! :)

The magazine is a free online magazine, so go visit the site and download it to your pc now - don't try to print it, unless you have lots of paper and ink. It's bigger than you think.

This issue features amazing art, critiques and interviews with Suzan Buckner, Randi Marx & Tracie Rozario.

I love Suzan's artwork and have included her link so you can go be inspired too!


  1. Congratulations, Lorri. How nice to be published I love reading this magazine each time it comes out. I know most of the artist from http://www.ATCsforall.com

  2. ooooh and I OWN the original "Sparkle is her Favorite color". Congrats!I will def check out the article.

  3. Hi Lorie

    Absolutely love these atc's. good luck on having your work published. going to pop into your Etsy shop now.
    Best wishes Suze

  4. Hi again Lorie

    have written this seperate so that you can delete it, have tried to use the back space in the edit section of my blog, No luck, think I will have to leave it as it is, worried that i might make it worse
    Thanks anyway .

  5. Congrats on being published in the online magazine! That's awesome but not surprising. Your art belongs in places where all can see and share. Love your atc's, too!

  6. Congratulations, Lorri !! Well deserved. Your work is alwasy so original and inspiring. They are sure to publish you in the book as well !!

  7. Congratulations! I love that magazine, and your art is gorgeous!


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