20 January 2009

Created Like Crazy!!

Whew, Last week was a busy one - I created like crazy, and enjoyed every minute of it :)
The pictures above are only a small sample of some of the things I made... there was more!!

On Sunday, Bec and I were attending the Burlesque Lounge Retro & Vintage Fair - so I decided to add some collage paintings and aceo's to my jewellery for sale.

The Fair was fantastic, with lots of funky people setting up gorgeous vintage stalls, and the buyers were lining up down the street to enter the building!!

The $ales were terrific and both Bec and I were thrilled so see so many people 'liking' our hand-made goodies....... at one time we had two ladies 'fighting' over one of Bec's necklaces.... and one of the ladies just picked it up off the display board and said "MINE!!" - hahaha, Bec must make more of those :)

Here's a sample of the hand-made goodies that I made. I think Bec will post on her blog soon too.


  1. Oooh I am so happy that the Fair was a winning venture for both you and Bec! I love the pieces you created. Got a kick out of the ladies fighting over a necklace *hee hee*

  2. You have been busy!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Beautiful creations! Love the dominoes!!


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