21 September 2010

The Jiffy Slut contacted me......... & Rules for the 'OTHER WOMAN'.


WARNING: This post contains swearing, and a small emotional outburst.

Oh can you believe this, she contacted me........ oh she says she is sorry and wait for this........ SHE tells me that SHE is hurting - who fucking cares,  She created it for herself....!!   SHE deserves NOTHING but this and more.

DO I want to hear that shit, when I've been his wife for 29 yrs almost ........ after rebuilding (supposedly) for the last 6 years from his last affair!!!??  After thinking things were getting better, after conversations from HIM about growing old together, travelling together, being happy together!!

She tells me her girls are having to pick up the pieces of her!! .......... Holy cow, I don't believe she felt the need to tell me that....... what the fuck does she think MY GIRLS are feeling right now?????
Seeing their Mother fucked over again like this, having their father lie straight to their faces......... the disappointment, the embarrassment, the everything - and SHE thinks she has it bad??? She doesn't know what we are suffering, she doesn't know how extremely bad this is making me feel.....or how it's affecting me physically. She has NO RIGHT to know and I don't want to know about her either - she can do what Craig said...... rot in hell.

Where did he go on Fathers day because his girls didn't even ring him, because of what he has done..........that's right you guessed it... Her place!!  Why did he say he did? Because he needed some sympathy, because he was devastated and gutted that he didn't hear from his daughters.... well you shouldn't have done all you did you IDIOT......

Ready for the funniest thing of all.......... She said.. "I was not just a bit on the side, or so I was led to believe (convincingly so)  Oh My God Lady, you had him for what an hour or so a couple of times a week...... Where was he all those other times?????? Oh that's right, with ME!! Living out his lies. Hiding behind everything, becoming a shadow of a man, looking over his shoulder constantly, HATING himself MORE AND MORE every day...... and SHE contributed to that... because she CARED about him?? No, if she CARED really cared, then she would have told him to sort his shit out and NOT have gotten involved with him in the first place.

She re-affirmed the same 'not just a bit on the side' statement in an email to my friend Louise......... What a joke!!  He's a fucking good liar, don't forget that.......

Did he buy her things?
Did he take her to dinner?
Did he show her off to the world because he was PROUD of her?
Did he sleep beside her every night, and wake beside her every morning?
Did he tell her all the things he told me, that she will NEVER know about?

Oh How her bubble must be burst to discover that she wasn't even a bit on the side, she was nothing but an ego boost to a pathetic man who can't say no to anything that he 'thinks' is interested in him.!!

SHE created it, SHE shouldn't have gotten involved with a married man......... SHE Does Deserve everything she feels!

Yes, she knew he was a lying bastard, because she knew he was cheating on me!! Oh did she think she was SO fucking special because he fucked her behind my back?? Did she think she meant something to him???

I have Craig recorded on my phone, the conversations, the interrogation by me over all of this....... SHE might be sickened to the CORE of her SOUL listening to how he speaks about her...... I Listen to him sobbing and sobbing like a baby, while telling me how very very sorry he is.

I might send her the recordings..... I have several.

I'm so sick and hurt by all of this. Sick to my stomach. Filled with anger, sadness and disappointment. I hate this Emotional roller coaster.

I HATE it all.
Now for someone else's perspective on "OTHER WOMEN" -

I posted this onto my facebook - so decided to also include it here on my blog.
It's a TRUE but somewhat funny (from my perspective) look at those women with no morals that get involved with married men .............  A MUST READ for women who allow themselves to be home-wreckers and get involved with married men....  Karen I hope you read this-------------->


FOOTNOTE - ADDED 21 SEP 2010 - in response to Lotus :)

Hi Lotus,
You are right, the other woman IS sick! She does not compare to ME in any way whatsoever. I am not the EX... I am trying to struggle through my devastation and heartache because the man I have loved nearly all my life is so mentally messed up!! and is hurting me over and over again. Even though he says he cares and loves me so much. I have morals, I had a husband that I stood by for all these years, through shit after shit. He would have spun her some yarns I'm sure, he is a known compulsive liar!!
I don't understand you saying 'was she hoping I would talk to him and get him to go back to her'.. He is MY husband, I didn't want him screwing around behind my back in the first place. I didn't want him even speaking or confiding with another woman! Surely she isn't stupid enough to not realise that.... If 'she' still wants him, after finding out how hurtful his lies and deceptions can be, knowing he was just using her like a piece of old stale meat - then more fool her. I wonder if he told her that we were not having sex.... probably, MORE LIES!! haha. I find it so very funny that SHE thought she was something more to him.. I think she was obviously blinded by her desperation to have someone 'want' her.... don't they sound alike?? She is unbelievably stupid and naive!! He just hurts people over and over and over again. The minute there is stress, or trauma in his life - he runs for sympathy from someone else. It doesn't even matter who. If he thinks someone 'likes' him or is 'interested' in him, he wants to boost his ego and see if they will f**k him... it's that simple. It doesn't matter WHO it is, or if HE Likes them!! He has admitted these things too! He is pathetic. He cannot 'be there' emotionally for anyone. He just pretends.

20 September 2010

More just More of the same

One should rather die than be betrayed. There is no deceit in death. It delivers precisely what it has promised. Betrayal, though ... betrayal is the willful slaughter of hope. ~

Craig has told me this so far, about his affair - the following are HIS words!!

The Jiffy Slut, means NOTHING to me.
She is disgusting.
Sex was awful.
She is ugly and No oil painting.
I felt sick every time I fucked her.
I wanted to keep her QUIET
I told her what she wanted to hear.
I let her believe what she wanted to believe.
She has no Morals (like me)
We are both lying, cheating people, and that's all we have in common.
I told her I was looking forward to seeing her in text messages.
I told her I looked forward to kissing her - so she thought I was interested in her, to keep her happy so she would be silent!
I was petrified of losing you Lorri, of you finding out and hurting you.
I gave her the impression we would not be together much longer or in the future.
I told her we were just like 'flatmates'.
I don't even like her. 
I didn't want to be with her, I wanted it all to stop, but was trapped and dug a deeper hole.
It was a pathetic EGO boost, because she wanted me.
I don't care about her at all, she can rot.
It started in November, when your Mum was sick.
I didn't screw her until after My own Mum died a few months later.
I saw her after work, I told you I was working until 5.30 but finished at 3.30.
I last had sex with her after the last softball meeting on that Wednesday night, It disgusted me.

I saw her on Thursday 9th September when leaving work because I was sick in the stomach after seeing the pain and heartache in you the night before.  I know I said I wouldn't see her again, but she turned the Jiffy Van around and followed me so I stopped. She came to the car window, and told her everything was lies, all of it was lies. I told her I didn't want to see or hear from her again.
She said "I don't believe this Craig, I just don't believe this... what about everything we had between us?" - I told her the truth, that it was all lies, everything was a lie.
I felt relieved that it was done, finished ended.

I love you, still am IN love with you. I care about you and am so very sorry.  He cried his eyes out, sobbed like a baby....

He said he knows he has a compulsive lying problem.

"I am sorry"
"I beg your forgiveness"
"I don't deserve you"
"You are worth more than me"
"I love you"
 "I was never enough for you and I have never deserved you"
"Is there anything I can do to 'fix' this?"

16 September 2010

He cheated again!

Yes, that's why I have been absent.......... Going through an absolutely awful time. Couldn't post, didn't know what to say.....

He says....... he started the affair just after my Mum was diagnosed with the cancer. He had the affair while I was, still AM grieving!!

He wants back, says he is sorry - all the usual crap like last time.
I'm struggling to make any sense of anything.

I will try to come back here soon.