30 December 2008

Often the prickly thorn produces tender roses

Here is the last of the set of 6 I made. For some reason Blogger would only allow me to upload 5 at a time!

The Title of this post is what is written on the card.

Stampotique Cuties

I made some ATC's (Art Cards) using the new range of Stampotique Rubber Stamps we have in our store...... love them!!
These were stamped with a black inkpad and embossed with clear embossing powder. The scan of these pics shows them a bit lighter than they really are, and I would have liked them even blacker..!
It would have worked better with black embossing powder - but I didn't have any available at the time of making them. The backgrounds were hand-painted and embellished using my trusty glaze pen (couldn't live without them)
I will make some more of these for trade and sale on my ETSY.

I Scrapbooked - been a while!!

I attended the Printblocks Trade Workshop - I must admit I haven't done any layouts for a while. It was nice to actually create something using my photographs from our Bangkok/KL holiday. We got to use some gorgeous new papers and die-cuts from Amy Butler. Amy Butler Her fabric designs are now available in papers.... woohoo. They are gorgeous designs and with a subtle look of fabric. The die-cuts were especially nice, as they are quite vintage - which is right up my alley.

Here's a few pics for now. I will post again later with some more showing the MINI BOOK we began to create in the class. I finished it at home using some more of those holiday pictures.

Thank you for looking :) If you click on the individual pictures you can see a large picture which shows the detail and paper layering.

10 December 2008

Bec needs some Blog Love

Check out her latest tags - using the cutest "Stampotique" rubber stamps. I'm having a play with these too, they are quirky and fun.
We will be retailing them in our store.

Visit BEC and send her some blog love :)

6 December 2008

One Lovely Blog Award

The lovely Michelle has presented me with another blog award, and a lovely one it is.
Thank you so much Michelle :)

As I have just awarded some awards (whew) I am posting this to show my appreciation. I have a little plan for some new style awards, so keep tuned!

Bec's Holiday Journal

Bec created some gorgeous journal pages from our holiday in Thailand and KL - you can see more of them on her flickr page :)

5 December 2008

Awesome Giveaway

The fabulous Chrysti is giving away a fabulous calendar...... yes, that is the picture of the front of it by the talented and awesome Karyn Gartel The calendar is filled with such amazing goodness by some very talented ladies like Chrysti - Go check out the link, and enter......... but I've already sent out my "Positive Vibes" to the universe to win - teehee

Blog Award

I received another Blog Award, this time from the talented Tanya - Thank you Tanya for awarding me this :) I really appreciate you thinking of me and I absolutely adore your little "Gothic Petite Dolls".
Please visit her and see these for yourself :)

These little awards are so inspirational to me, they show me that my art is appreciated and that sharing is caring. I'm so grateful for my creative blog friends. You all constantly inspire me to stretch myself, to create more - to indulge my passions!! teehee

I would love to pass this award onto the following people:

Bec Lennox (Yup, My daughter - because she has now got a new artful blog - Bec is so Wild and Precious - I love her new blog name, it suits her to a T. Go visit her, and say hello :)

Susan Sager Brown - I love her blog so much, and we share a lot in common :)

Susan Tidwell - yup another Susan (talented aren't they) - I love the christmas theme for her blog - very festive :)

Alisa Nordholt-Dean - Some very pretty things here.

Sue McGettigan - yup another Sue!!! Goodness, It's Sue Day LOL
Go visit Sue's blog to hear some upbeat christmas tunes which made me smile and see some gorgeous work too :)

Shonna Buckaroff -Gorgeous whimsical creatures and fabulous art!

3 December 2008

EXHIBITION 36 - Mixed Media Book by Susan Tuttle

The very talented Susan (Ilka's Attic) has released a new mixed media book, and it looks divine.
To win a copy, visit her blog or you can purchase the book from AMAZON -

Tuesday evening's cards

Here's a few more I made tonight..... its time for bed now, so sorry no explanation :)


I also managed to make some new cards over the last few nights - these are made to be framed. We (Bec and I representing ourselves and our store Scrappindipity) are attending a designer craft fair this coming weekend - and I wanted a display of affordable mini artworks, so how perfect are atc's and aceo's..... I love trading so will also be taking my "trade folder" with me :)

2 December 2008

Retro Mini-Book

I finally got some time to get a little creative again - yay.

I started this little mini book last week while at a friends house in Rockingham.

It was started by hand painting a layer of cream paint (MM) then I added a layer of gesso and smudged it around, leaving little bits of the creamier colour. Next came some more colours stamped with a foam stamp (my newest) I mixed some colours onto the stamp and randomly plonked it on the page.
Then I grabbed another stamp and did the same thing.
A chipboard bird and branches were also painted and when it was dry i glued the chipboards in place.
I then completed each page the same way with the painting, and collaged some retro pinup girl images into various pages. Some pages are left prepared to add more imagery or text as I decide later on.
This is a different colour combination for me, i usually go for the messy grungy look - and rather liked playing with something different.
There are 10 pages in total.

18 November 2008

Thailand & Malaysia

What an awesome trip - an adventure!! In Thailand we visited some absolutely mind-blowing temples, and the history of the place was incredible. Spending was fun, we went to Chatuchak Market - not enough time in a day!! It was so big, crowded and humid - but who cares about that when shopping - right? LOL
In Malaysia, we went to the Elephant Conservation centre in Kuala Gandhar - an incredible place where they take care of the elephants - it's totally free, and you get to feed, ride and wash the elephants - bathing with them was such fun, and a true highlight of the trip. Bec and I donated some money to them, as we all thought they did an amazing job. Check out the photos - a once in a lifetime experience for me. We all loved it. I also had major anxiety as we travelled the Sky Bus - 2000 feet above sea level to what looked like a true 'fairy castle in the sky' - the drop below was terrifying for me, and my anxiety was confronted head-on...... I cried like a little girl with fear - but managed to actually DO IT..... YAY!!!!! We were among and above the clouds!! So totally majestic, a view to behold.... and of course I had to get back on to come down the mountain!!
WHEW, It was good to come home after long flight delays and no sleep for a whole night!!
I missed my art, and came home to some beautiful packages awaiting me...... Thankyou to all my art-friends, your generosity is incredible and your talent so inspiring. I hope to scan some of my goodies soon - I just have to get over the jet-lag/anxiety thing first LOL

It's been over 2 weeks since I made anything, and even with my elbow slowly recovering, I don't want to push it too much. We (Bec and I) received some gorgeous new stock for the store (Scrappindipity) and I can't wait to get stuck in and play with it all....... so watch this space.

Here's some holiday shots:

5 November 2008

Holiday time

Hello Everyone,
Tomorrow morning I am starting my holiday. We are going to Bangkok via KL and then back to KL for another 4 days.
I am so scared of flying - anxiety is awful - trying to keep positive and self talking away those horrible distracting silly anxious thoughts haha
Once I land I will be perfectly fine - and the flight home is never as bad - I just get anxious going! Maybe it's a cross with excitement too.
The family are so excited, and we have some lovely things planned to do - as well as some awesome shopping - and for ART supplies too!! how cool :)
I will be back home on the 15th November.
Most likely will check my mail etc., via a net cafe or I will come home to 500 emails lol
My elbow might get a rest while holidaying too - no art though :(
Have a wonderful 10 days - see you soon!


31 October 2008

Gypsy Postcard

I received this gorgeous gypsy postcard, which is handmade and beautiful from my online friend Jan Please visit her blog to see more of her wonderful work.
Thank you so much for your kindness and kind words, Jan :)

More Mail goodness

I also received these gorgeous old bingo sliders from the wonderful Teresa I am going to have some fun trying to make some art with these.
Trading is so much fun, and the generosity of online art friends is amazing.
Thank you so much Teresa :) xo

Awesome Mail Goodness

Today I was blown away by a parcel I received from a very generous online friend Susan
Just look at this package - and I received a beautiful card, written from the heart - which made me cry with delight :) a CD with 'special music' just for me, some gorgeous atc's and some ephemera for making new art...
The mini canvas with a spoon, is so beautiful - The spoon and a poem is on Susans blog (and is so appropriate for me)
Thank you so much Susan.
Please visit her blog and say hello :)

29 October 2008

my one second of fame on Singapore TV

at the 2.20minute mark to 2.21minutes you See my RED cards (with the girl on the left) hahaha

Pauseability - Flickr Friend - ATC Exhibition swap 'SINGAPORE' Theme.

28 October 2008


Originally uploaded by auslorri
Using maps for a swap-bot swap :)


Originally uploaded by auslorri
Using maps for a swap-bot swap :)

21 October 2008

Another Blog Giveaway

Another gorgeous blog giveaway - just to let you know, linkback to the site, comment and you might be the lucky winner. I'm crossing my fingers!

17 October 2008

Goodbye Sweet Soxy

A tribute to our Dear Soxy

Yesterday our cuddly, snuggly, smoochy soxy cat went to sleep. This pic is with Amy - around 6 years ago... one of my absolute favourites.

It was a sad day, and today is the first morning I haven't woken to her crying for food, or to be let outside.

Soxy's Kidneys were failing, she was even turning yellow. Her poor tummy was so bloated from gas, which made her constantly want to eat to help the gas pains release. Although this was happening she didn't complain much at all - only during the night - when she was waking us up several times to be fed and let out, and let back in.

She was an awesome pet, for 19 long years - Soxy was Amy's kitten, and Amy took her to be put to sleep peacefully, as we didn't want to see her suffer at all.

The outcome if we left her, would have been horrible and a painful one - so Rest in Peace our dear Soxy Cat.

I MISS HER already - please send her Love & Light on her journey to the other side :)


Here Soxy is GETTING comfort & love - yes, that's a warm wheat bag on her back. She is comfortable on my 'healing table' and on the blanket.

Just look at that cute big belly - I tickled it for her all the time, unfortunately it was full of gas from her kidney failure..

Here she is GIVING comfort & love - she always 'knew' when someone wasn't feeling well, and would come and snuggle up to you - Firstly she was with me when I had just come out of surgery. I look terrible, I know!!

Here she is with Amy after she damaged her knee (Amy is waiting for surgery now to repair a lot of damage!) I just love the way her little paws are curled around Amy's arms - aww

Soxy with my Mum - This was the day before she went to sleep -

Sitting on the couch, her nightly position where I would give her back a nice scratch and she would get her nightly cuddles :

Here's Soxy, sitting on my computer desk - in my IN-TRAY - she didn't want me to do any work that day!! LOL

Here she is feeding herself, she used to love getting that box of cat biscuits :) This pic is a couple of years old.

Here she is with Bec - Bec was cleaning out my pantry and Soxy decided to investigate - this is the day before Soxy went to sleep.

Here's Soxy 'sunning herself' under an umbrella that was sitting outside my mum's 'nana-shack' so cute!

If you managed to read all the way down here, and enjoy my pictures of Soxy - Thankyou for sharing her precious life with me :)