5 December 2008

Blog Award

I received another Blog Award, this time from the talented Tanya - Thank you Tanya for awarding me this :) I really appreciate you thinking of me and I absolutely adore your little "Gothic Petite Dolls".
Please visit her and see these for yourself :)

These little awards are so inspirational to me, they show me that my art is appreciated and that sharing is caring. I'm so grateful for my creative blog friends. You all constantly inspire me to stretch myself, to create more - to indulge my passions!! teehee

I would love to pass this award onto the following people:

Bec Lennox (Yup, My daughter - because she has now got a new artful blog - Bec is so Wild and Precious - I love her new blog name, it suits her to a T. Go visit her, and say hello :)

Susan Sager Brown - I love her blog so much, and we share a lot in common :)

Susan Tidwell - yup another Susan (talented aren't they) - I love the christmas theme for her blog - very festive :)

Alisa Nordholt-Dean - Some very pretty things here.

Sue McGettigan - yup another Sue!!! Goodness, It's Sue Day LOL
Go visit Sue's blog to hear some upbeat christmas tunes which made me smile and see some gorgeous work too :)

Shonna Buckaroff -Gorgeous whimsical creatures and fabulous art!


  1. Thanks for the award Lorri, that's very kind of you! Glad the music made you smile:)

  2. Lorri,
    Thanks so much for the award. I will be passing it on tomorrow. Having fun browsing your blog. Love the music!

  3. Thanks Lorri!! I really appreciate the award and the kind comment about my artwork!


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