14 April 2009

ATC's & ACEO's finally got to scan them

I finally got around to scanning some of the cards that have been sitting on my desk for a while.

Perfectly Blessed
I really liked this image. It was hidden in a stack of old decoupage papers I bought from a flea market years ago - so I decided to put her to good use. I thought she looked so calm and serene - and perfectly blessed. The background is hand painted, with an alcohol ink overlay. There is a few hand doodles and rub-ons, along with vintage book text.


I don't know why I used the word 'perfect' as this card certainly isn't perfect in my eyes - I do however like the idea of a sideways necklace like that.

In his clear eyes

The background is hand painted, with lots of doodles/scratches, some torn papers & vintage text finish him off. The look in his eyes is one of purpose & he seems to be regal.

Honest Fellows

Are there really such things??

He spoke to me about my soul
I wonder what he said?

For God's sake get me a drink

Me too!! She looks so sad & frustrated - I think she needs the drink!
- Not available to trade -
The text on this one suits me to a T, so I'm going to hang on to her.
Being still
Do you feel the need to be still, it isn't as easy as said though - finding that inner stillness is so hard to achieve. Even with years of meditation I still rarely find that 'stillness' - but when I do, ahh it's blissful - if even for a few minutes.
Maybe I should keep this too?? haha
I totally understand anxiety! The blocking of the eyes on this piece was to symbolise how anxiety sometimes keeps me from seeing things in the right perspective, how anxiety can make me hypervigilant about things, unable to 'see' whats really happening.... I really lose my 'wits' during anxiety attacks!!

My desk looks like a tornado has hit it at the moment. I have about 6 projects on the go, with materials, bits of papers, glues, paints etc all scattered all over it!! It's beginning to pile up around me too, which means I have to get in there and actually 'use' the goodies.. teehee

Too busy right now, but when things are settled and organised with the new store move I will be doing some samples and things for upcoming workshops - that will be more fun than tidying the desk :)

If you are interested in trading with me, please don't hesitate to ask.

They are all available except 'disguises' - I have to keep this one, as it's so me lol !

13 April 2009

What I have been doing lately........

Hello :)

I thought I would do a quick post, just so everyone doesn't think I have fallen off the planet.

Bec and I have decided to relocate our store - so we finally found somewhere to go. The new store is under renovation, and for the last week we have been working very hard to get it ready for our big move!

With the help from some wonderful people we have moved a wall - (big task) to make room for workshops.

We have been painting for days, we are in the process of laying tiles on the floor and working out what is going to go where!

I'm excited about the new store, it is so open and spacious. After being in Fremantle with no free parking, we will have 200 car bays for customer use, right outside the complex - and there are gorgeous shady trees too :)

So after 6 years of trading, we are finally getting what we originally wanted - space for workshops, free parking for our customers and ourselves, lots of visibility as we are going to be on a major traffic bearing road and next to a busy supermarket - so it's all good :)

I completed some art cards a couple of weeks ago, but haven't found the time to scan and upload them yet - but will try to get that done this week.

While being so busy with the store, I am also missing my one on one trades, so if anyone would like to trade with me - please let me know your link to 'available for trade' ATC's :) and we can organise something.

For now, I have to go get organised to go back to the new store....... More painting to do, more tiles to lay...... this has been Easter long weekend - 4 days off normal working hours - and we have worked, but thats the name of the game when you own your own business!!

When the shop is ready, we then have to pack all our stock - heaps of it!! and then move all the fixtures and fittings to be installed in the new store....... whew, i'm exhausted just thinking about that..... but that will be when it's 'really starting to take shape' - so I'm looking forward to that.

When the new store is open, I'm sure we will all see our hard work and the effort, energy and exhaustion will all be worth it :)

Back to normal trading at the current store on Tuesday!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter xo

5 April 2009

Friendly Award

The lovely Sonya from Pickles Patch has blessed me with another little award, and this time its a 'friendly' one.

Sonya creates some amazing scrapbooking layouts - so If you haven't visited her blog yet, make sure you pop on over :)
I would like to pass this 'friendliness' award onto some lovely ladies, who always support & encourage me with kind words. I could pick so many people to pass this award on to, but these few ladies regularly visit me and take the time out to leave such positive comments - Thank you ladies - I hope this award brings a smile to your faces.





1 April 2009

Craft Talk

Craft Talk - funny - gotta watch the girl in the yellow pants :)