25 March 2009

My Parents visit Italy (Image Challenge)

WOW! The wonderful Robert has created another gorgeous image from my parents picture from the 50's...
I love the variations that can be created from a single image.
If you haven't played with it yet, scroll down and save the original image to your pc - print it, digitalise it - and have fun!

Thanks Robert for sharing your interpretation with us - I love it :)

23 March 2009

Image Challenge - My parents

By Joanne

The first image challenge pic is in, and wow! It's gorgeous - Joanne has created an ATC using the picture of my Mum & Dad :)
Thanks for sharing Joanne.

20 March 2009

Challenge Image 1950's

Here's another fun pic for you all to play with, I would love to see what you make with this image..... This is my parents - before I came along of course, and when they were happy together. After 35 years of marriage they divorced.

I love the dress my Mum is wearing and what a cute vespa too!

The fashion today is so similar, I wish My Mum had kept all her old clothes LOL

Have fun, and please send your pics to me when you are done and upload to your blog linking to the free image.



(personal use only please)

13 March 2009

Beautiful Mail

I have received the most gorgeous envelope from Gretchen from Madhatrubber
I was one of the lucky winners in her blog giveaway.
In my envelope was a couple of the 'frank' rubber stamps - the envelope is stunning, I don't want to file it away!!

12 March 2009


Today we got informed that the Cruise Line company booked someone from the USA!! - all this after so much organisation yesterday!!
The company required to book from Australia, who booked Bec and I - emailed us saying at 4.30am someone from USA emailed him to say they had booked someone themselves!!!!!!
Fuck, this sucks - Bec and I were so damn excited, an opportunity of a lifetime just slipped by us :(
How can they do that to people??


I didn't sleep, we had ordered product to take with us... luckily we hadn't paid for our Sydney to Perth airfares yet, or travel insurance - that was all happening today.

I'm so disappointed..........

The booking office that booked us, has told us he will try to get them to 'reverse' their booking and let us go, if not we will be FIRST in line next time......... like that helps us feel better now!

We will wait to see what today brings.

11 March 2009

I'm teaching on a cruise ship!

I can hardly believe it's true, I am still pinching myself...... Today Bec and I got offered to teach art/craft workshops on board the Rhapsody of the Seas cruise ship.
We get to go on the cruise fully paid for meals and all included......... OMG is this real??? It's $6999.00 per ticket for jeebers sakes...... this is such a fab opportunity.
We have only one day to organise ourselves, to pack to organise our classes - we will be teaching 8 classes over the 18 days - the rest of the time we get to relax and enjoy all the benefits on the cruise. The ship looks amazing!!!!!!! I am so nervous and excited too.
Bec is so excited, but cool as a cucumber - not stressing a bit..... me, well I'm beside myself..... lol
We finish in Sydney and wouldn't you know it - SIA starts the day we finish in Sydney - so yup, we are going to SIA too!! This is so brilliant I can't contain myself, nor sleep...... it's 12.10am and I have a very busy day tomorrow - but too much is going around in my head..... OMG OMG.
We have to close our store for the time away, and my darling husband Craig has offered to try to take more time off work to look after it. But really, it's worth closing!! We will put a sign on our door saying....... sorry closed because we are teaching on board a cruise ship!!!! LOL

10 March 2009

Monthly ATC Swaps

Last months swap theme was PROGRESS

Hi Everyone,
I wanted to touch base about our monthly swaps - each month we hold one swap (i'm working on making it two though) The March swap theme is "Under the sea" and anyone is welcome to join.
We host the swap via Bec's & My store "Scrappindipity" and our flickr group "Scrappindipity"
So if you are a member of flickr, we would love you to sign up there. That way we get to know who is playing!
If you are not a flickr member you can email us and let us know you will join the swap.

We love international players, and because of the postage costs all we ask is that international players make one extra atc - so 7 atcs instead of 6. The extra should be different to the swap ones. This one is for me :) as I will personally pay the postage for your swaps to be returned to you.
Aussies make 6 atcs to receive 6 back and send a stamped, self addressed return envelope (A5 with $1.00 postage)

Bec and I would love to have you join our swaps :)

8 March 2009

More Girls on parade

The beautiful SUSAN from BroknHeartArt has also participated in the Girls Challenge - this is her fun and colourful version of the lovely dancing girls.

If you want the original to play with yourself, please see this post, and click these names to see what others have created using the image.....Sherry, Robert & Bec

7 March 2009

Creating with Kaiser Products

Kaisercrafts new File set ... a Must have for all those sanding jobs!

Bec's bookshelf has begun - see the link below for her tutorial on creating these fabulous little books with matching bookshelf...

The Kaiser Bookshelf sample from the website - isn't it gorgeous?

I just made a comment on Lee's blog about the Kaiser sanding tools, and I thought it might be good to share these tools and some Kaiser product reviews with everyone.

The files are great for getting into all the tiny little spaces in the kaiser OTP project books etc., I love them for roughing up the edges of my atc's, sanding back the paper you glue to your chipboard shapes/books etc.,

As a retailer, Bec and I stock these in our store Scrappindipity. The files are very reasonably priced and can be used over and over again. The large file is like a normal nail file only a little coarser (don't use it on your fingernails) so it is a bit flexible and won't last as long as the other thin ones - they are made from metal and will last a lot longer.

The bookshelf above is so cute!! I can see them being used for special events or moments in life - ie: one book for each milestone birthday, or one for each member of the family etc., The possiblities are endless for decorating these books.
Bec also created a tutorial for the mini-books and shelf by Kaiser - you can see it here: Mini Book Tutorial

Bec has been playing with a lot of the new Kaiser product releases, and will soon be uploading her latest batch of greeting cards made using these cute papers in the "sugar sugar" cupcake range - they are gorgeous and you will want to see them, so bookmark our blog and come back soon to see them. Have fun!

Blog Love - Blog Award

The wonderful Cassie from AngelandSpot gave me this award. I am always thrilled to receive these little awards - as it means people are visiting my blog and I love that :)
Cassie has a gorgeous blog herself, so pop over and visit her.

Considering I didn't pass on the last award I received, I would like to pass on this award of fabulousness to the following blogs:

I have just met Delwyn from A Hazy Moon, who is a fellow aussie - I love blogland where you can meet people without leaving your office chair!! Delwyn has a lovely blog with some beautiful pictures of around her home and various others - I found her blog to be relaxing and the wander through it was a very inspiring journey! Please visit her and say hello :)

I would also like to pass this award on to Jamie from Art-e-ology as I have recently met Jamie, and her kindness has warmed my heart - Jamie was reading my blog and has so kindly offered to send me a CD with some meditations for helping me with my anxiety and pain. Jamie's kindness restores my faith in the goodness of people - how a stranger can go out of their way to help someone else from the other side of the world..... aww isn't that wonderful... Please visit Jamie's blog and say hello too.

I could send blog awards to so many fabulous people in blog-land - but today I have chosen these special two :)

I hope you enjoy having a wander around their blogs.

In the theme of the 'fabulous' award, have a creatively fabulous day!


6 March 2009

Free Images for your personal use

These images are from original postcards that I own - please only use them for your personal use or/swaps.
I have edited them in photoshop, cleaned them up a little and cropped etc.
These images are not for use in items for sale or for use in collage sheets for sale, either individually or as a compilation.
Thankyou for abiding by my terms of use.
I hope you enjoy playing with these images - if you could credit any artwork using these images back to me, by linking to my blog, that would be appreciated.
I love to see what you make with them.