20 March 2009

Challenge Image 1950's

Here's another fun pic for you all to play with, I would love to see what you make with this image..... This is my parents - before I came along of course, and when they were happy together. After 35 years of marriage they divorced.

I love the dress my Mum is wearing and what a cute vespa too!

The fashion today is so similar, I wish My Mum had kept all her old clothes LOL

Have fun, and please send your pics to me when you are done and upload to your blog linking to the free image.



(personal use only please)


  1. What a cute picture!! I love your mom's dress and the vespa!!!

  2. What a wonderful photo!!! Don't know if I'll get the chance to play with it, but if I do, I will, for sure, send you the finished piece. Thank you for sharing such a special image!


  3. I love this photo Lorri, I turned it into an ATC, hope you like it, thanks for sharing....http://joanneantivilo.blogspot.com/

  4. Hi Lorri i have sent you my piccy for your challenge.
    Ive sent your mom and dad to Italy on a little tour.
    Hope you like it

  5. Awesome pic. My wheels are turning...xoSusan

  6. That's such a fun image Lorri, love it :)


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