10 March 2009

Monthly ATC Swaps

Last months swap theme was PROGRESS

Hi Everyone,
I wanted to touch base about our monthly swaps - each month we hold one swap (i'm working on making it two though) The March swap theme is "Under the sea" and anyone is welcome to join.
We host the swap via Bec's & My store "Scrappindipity" and our flickr group "Scrappindipity"
So if you are a member of flickr, we would love you to sign up there. That way we get to know who is playing!
If you are not a flickr member you can email us and let us know you will join the swap.

We love international players, and because of the postage costs all we ask is that international players make one extra atc - so 7 atcs instead of 6. The extra should be different to the swap ones. This one is for me :) as I will personally pay the postage for your swaps to be returned to you.
Aussies make 6 atcs to receive 6 back and send a stamped, self addressed return envelope (A5 with $1.00 postage)

Bec and I would love to have you join our swaps :)


  1. lovely ATC. i would loved to join your swap. but I really don't know if I can make such ATC like yours.

  2. Hi Lorri, received my cards today, very excited that I got this one from you, thanks so much, you are very inspiring......

  3. Looking forward to the next swap !
    Thanks Lorri and Bec 4 your inspiration.


  4. What a rich sense of history captured in this atc. The quotation accompanying it is perfect. Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my blog.

  5. This is an amazing ATC!!! You have such lovely work! Oh, I sent my "under the sea" cards to you on March 9th and I'm from Canada so I assume it will take a bit of time but I hope they make it by the deadline!


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