7 March 2009

Blog Love - Blog Award

The wonderful Cassie from AngelandSpot gave me this award. I am always thrilled to receive these little awards - as it means people are visiting my blog and I love that :)
Cassie has a gorgeous blog herself, so pop over and visit her.

Considering I didn't pass on the last award I received, I would like to pass on this award of fabulousness to the following blogs:

I have just met Delwyn from A Hazy Moon, who is a fellow aussie - I love blogland where you can meet people without leaving your office chair!! Delwyn has a lovely blog with some beautiful pictures of around her home and various others - I found her blog to be relaxing and the wander through it was a very inspiring journey! Please visit her and say hello :)

I would also like to pass this award on to Jamie from Art-e-ology as I have recently met Jamie, and her kindness has warmed my heart - Jamie was reading my blog and has so kindly offered to send me a CD with some meditations for helping me with my anxiety and pain. Jamie's kindness restores my faith in the goodness of people - how a stranger can go out of their way to help someone else from the other side of the world..... aww isn't that wonderful... Please visit Jamie's blog and say hello too.

I could send blog awards to so many fabulous people in blog-land - but today I have chosen these special two :)

I hope you enjoy having a wander around their blogs.

In the theme of the 'fabulous' award, have a creatively fabulous day!



  1. Lorri I left a message but it disappeared, I am very touched, what a surprise for me. Thank you so much, Happy days

  2. Awwwww!! Thank you so much Lorri! You have totally made my day. I think you are pretty wonderful too:) Love, Jamie

  3. Hi Lorri,I love your work and your site. I have come over from Delwyn's place.

    I have recently started doing some creative journalling (when I get a minute) and am enjoying the process so much. Art is wonderful for the soul, for sure.

    Nice to meet you.♥


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