25 March 2009

My Parents visit Italy (Image Challenge)

WOW! The wonderful Robert has created another gorgeous image from my parents picture from the 50's...
I love the variations that can be created from a single image.
If you haven't played with it yet, scroll down and save the original image to your pc - print it, digitalise it - and have fun!

Thanks Robert for sharing your interpretation with us - I love it :)


  1. Glad you like it Lorri.
    I really enjoyed myself making it all come together.
    Robert xxx

  2. ok...this marvelous!! I want it!! LOL!! :-) Robert did a wonderful job!! Colors and composition are terrific!

  3. Hey Girl! I love the photo of your parents! How special and what a wonderful challenge. Joanne and Robert are rockin' it! We are back from Disney! Tired, but happy:) Love, Jamie


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