12 March 2009


Today we got informed that the Cruise Line company booked someone from the USA!! - all this after so much organisation yesterday!!
The company required to book from Australia, who booked Bec and I - emailed us saying at 4.30am someone from USA emailed him to say they had booked someone themselves!!!!!!
Fuck, this sucks - Bec and I were so damn excited, an opportunity of a lifetime just slipped by us :(
How can they do that to people??


I didn't sleep, we had ordered product to take with us... luckily we hadn't paid for our Sydney to Perth airfares yet, or travel insurance - that was all happening today.

I'm so disappointed..........

The booking office that booked us, has told us he will try to get them to 'reverse' their booking and let us go, if not we will be FIRST in line next time......... like that helps us feel better now!

We will wait to see what today brings.


  1. Oh gosh. I would be livid, upset, sad, freaking out. Really sorry. :-(

  2. Oh Sweetie! I'm so sorry. What a complete bunch of asshats. Well, at least you know that the next time you WILL get to go and you will rock their socks. I am leaving to go on vacation next week so I will touch base with you when I get back! Love, Jamie

  3. What a roller coaster ride! So sorry this happened to you. Hope it all works out for the best. :-)

  4. Sorry to hear Lorri.... Was going to say those lucky girls being able to attend your classes.
    Hopefully they can still get you onboard !


  5. Thank you everyone, this has been a really awful day. My daughter Bec is totally devastated and to see her pain is even worse than my own. Her life long dream has been to work on a cruise ship (entertaining she thought, as she has been in theatre and sings, not that she tells many arty people this LOL) So she was totally thrilled to be going, and to be let down like this is so sad.
    Thanks for all your kind words, I'm sure one day this opportunity will arise again - the company have said that they will do their best to get us on the cruise next time! So fingers crossed.
    The time differences hasn't helped, as communications were from Australia to Florida US - so obviously some miscommunication happened!! We are still hoping tomorrow we might get a late call saying Pack our bags!

  6. How awful for you :-( You were so excited and it would have been a chance in a lifetime

  7. Hi Lorri! I've been "off the grid" for a while, but working hard at re-connecting! I'm so sorry about the cruise! I was so excited for you as I read your first post about it and then really sad to find out that the rug had been pulled out from under you. But, I do want to encourage you....I always try to believe that when something doesn't work out, there's a good reason for it. That somehow, this will work out for the best! I'll be believing that for you! :-)

  8. OH MAN, that SUX. Sorry for the disapointment!

  9. Thanks everyone for your support. Recently the shop we were looking at leasing (and moving to) has now been offered to us, they want us there.... and we might not have had that if we were away on a cruise. So perhaps we are meant to get settled in a new store first. The universe does work in amazing ways! We need to decide if we are going to take this store now.

  10. Oh Lorri that so totally stinks! Life sucks sometimes!!
    I know it wont be much concilliation but just want to let you know I have left a friendship award on my blog for you, if you want to pick it up sometime.


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