8 February 2009


I thought it would be fun for everyone (or some hopefully) to get creative.... especially after the OWOH giveaways - I bet everyone has been so busy reading blogs and entering gorgeous giveaways that they didn't find as much time to actually BE creative.

So, Lets get some 'artivity' going!!

I am introducing a 'challenge'.
I would love to see all the creations too, so I can post them here on my blog and share our interpretations, styles and creations with each other. So please email me your pictures for me to link to your blogs and show off your works.

Please use the image in any creation you like - (but please don't sell it, or reproduce it in collage sheets or on cd's for sale)


  1. Thanx for this image Lori...an idea sprang into my head when I saw it...all's I gotta do is find the time to bring it to fruition!

  2. Thanks for the image Lorri!! I hope you don't mind but I highlighted your blog and your challenge this week on my blog - Blog Your Art Out. ((HUGS)) Robin

  3. Hi, Lorri! I've nominated you for an award! Come pick it up from my blog (just click through my name). :-)


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