9 February 2009

The Lemonade Stand

Freshly squeezed lemons, kids on their front verges selling lemonade - this conjurs up memories from my childhood.........

I should be creating, I can't get motivated this week :(

My head is going round and around, my eyes are blurry, my head aches and I sit here on the computer, browsing the internet - oohing and ahhing at all the lovely artistic creations from bloggers everywhere - I say to myself "Oh yes, I am going to do that" and then most often it doesn't come to fruition!!

My list of 'to try, to play with, to experiment, is getting bigger and bigger.......
And, the worst bit of this is that I have so many blank journals (yup i am a collector of blank journals) all sitting there ready for me to get creative - (it's also on the list) AND back to what I was first trying to say - The list isn't even in a Journal !!

I have the time, I think it's the heat - my poor craft room is not air conditioned and at 35-40 degrees celcius it's like a little furness. Put that together with my very 'powerful surges' I have been having lately - and it's not very conducive to creating......

So I blog, I browse, I ooh and I ahh, I comment and my list grows LONGER!

Back to the lemonade stand.......

I received the 'lemonade stand award' and some lovely comments from gaalcreative - Pop by her blog and say hello, and check out her cool 'zen doodles' - I have to admit it, I'm a hopeless doodler.... I find myself getting frustrated when I doodle, and I end up scribbling hard lines all over the place and end up with a big mess!

I'm not sure I fit into the categories the award is given for, but I truly appreciate the kindess though! lol

The usual 'send on the award' is so hard to do, because I know too many 'bloggers who show great attitude and gratitude' So this time, I will pass on the sending (and hope I don't get into trouble lol) and instead say 'thanks' to everyone because you are all inspiring :)


  1. Big CONGRATS on your award!
    Boy oh boy, i am in the same kind of mind as you, as i plan to create or design and it doesn't happen! :) we will get our mojo or drive back though! Hope you have a WONDERFUL day! :D

  2. I saw your posting on my blog and then had to come over and look at yours some more. I took your Tarot Card quiz at the bottom, and you will have to come back and see me!
    :) My results are at the bottom of mine now too.


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