12 February 2009

OWOH - Winners

Thank you everyone who entered my OWOH Giveaway. Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and share your blog with me. Your kind comments were all heartfelt and inspirational to receive. It was wonderful to get to meet so many new like-minded souls. I now have a hundreds more blogs to visit regularly!! I do feel kind of sad this is all over.

Thanks to My Mum who kindly wrote all the numbers onto little pieces of paper and drew my winners - she really enjoyed helping me with this, and loved reading all your wonderful comments :)

Here's some pictures of my Mum preparing to pick the lucky winners.... She cut up & wrote out all those little bits of papers with the numbers on them!

The winners of the ATC series are...................................

Congratulations to the following ladies who have each won one of my 5 ATC's in the Stampotique series......... I have emailed you where I can, Don't forget to email me your postal addresses!

Comment #
Comment # 71 CONNIE
Comment # 165 LIV
Comment #
Comment #
83 TRACY from SEAHAGSTUDIO - Please email me :)

And the winners of the Collage Sheets are ..................................

Congratulations to the following 10 ladies who have each received this digital collage sheet. You can save it to your PC, print it and use it over & over again :)

Comment #155 VICKY My Paper Palace
Comment #172 BARBARA CAGLE
Comment #17 SANDY
Comment #63 JOANNE
Comment #87 WENDY
Comment #133 NANCY
Comment #148 PEA
Comment #5 KAYCEE
Comment #58 KATH K

If you are among the winners list I will email you, please reply as soon as possible to claim your prize... It would be really cool if you posted to your blog about your win too :)


  1. Lorri,

    Wow... I'm a lucky winner!! I've already send you an email! Thanks for your great giveaway!!!!!



  2. Omigosh, I'm so excited to be one of your winners of your beautiful collage sheet! You've really made my day, thank you so much!! Will email you my address pronto:-) xox

  3. Congratulations to all the winners! :-)

  4. Well, now I can't say "I never win anything"! Thanks so much.... I can't wait to use this beautiful collage sheet!

    Nancy Malay

  5. OOOh am so excited to win one of your collage sheets.. thank you so much for picking me...lol and for participating in this.. I love your blog. and will definitely be hanging around..
    Kath k

  6. I'm thrilled and so proud to be a winner of your gorgeous collage sheet. Let your mum know she did an excellent job.

    Your work is gorgeous and I'm so glad I found you.


  7. I was so hoping to win. Thank you so much. This is exciting. I love your site. Can't wait to get my collage.

    Barbara Olivo Cagle
    #830 on OWOH

  8. Happy Dance here in Wyoming! I love it that I won your ATC's....Love them!!!
    I will get an email sent off to you right now!!

  9. thanks !!! feeling very lucky indeed to be one of the winners of your collage sheet. Will have lots of fun creating with it down here in New Zealand, smiles WendyP

  10. OMGoodness, Thank you Lorri`s mum for picking me as a winner of that gorgeous collage sheet... & congratulations to the other winners also :) Hugs from Vicky

  11. I'm so happy for you all, and My Mum is thrilled to have helped out - she just came in here to ask if I had heard back from the winners and was delighted that some of you actually mentioned her in your comments(so sweet you made her smile)

  12. Thanks Lorri, it is gorgeous, just like your blog artwork.....

  13. Congratulations to all the winners! This is such a fabulous giveaway, Lorri! And how sweet of your mother to help! I wish MY mom had been here to help me! She is living about 10 hours away from me right now!!! Although I'm 41, I'm still a mama's girl! Can you believe that?!

    Love your beautiful blog, Lorri! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  14. Congratulations to all the winners! :)

    Thank you so much, Lorri, for holding a fantastic giveaway, and for a great blog! :)


  15. I finally had some time to put my prizes (yes, 12/02/2009 seems to be my lucky day!)from OWOH on my blog, with a link and photo. Hope it's ok for you?
    Thanks again for the giveaway!!


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