23 February 2009

Certified Unwarped

Today I visited MoodGym

I visited them to see if they had some tips on dealing with anxiety... I spent hours at this website, but to be honest didn't really learn a lot. Some things were informative, and if you really need to understand negative thinking, then it certainly helps you do that. For me, it just made me more aware of something I was already aware of! - Yup, I have been fighting the battle in my own head to counteract negative thinking/fear/worry about my damn body doing stupid things!

There are some 'exercises' ... lots, to complete!! Some were repetitive and a little boring. I did go through it all though - and received a fun certificate...... not that I think I am UNWARPED at all... with all my negative self thinking, catastrophising (sp?) and anxious thoughts about my health dramas - I don't think I am really unwarped at all.... haha got to laugh about it all... sort of.

It didn't change much :(
My body still hurts constantly, my mind is racing and worrying about the hot flushes/night sweats - which rationally I know is menopausal....... grrr I worry about the little 'heart blips' - indigestion, windy type of jolts that i seem to be getting at random times (read today that menopause can cause those too!)

I think i will stick with the cognitive behaviour 'affirmations' that I find do help a little, and the 'tapping' techniques when i am in a bad spot.

Reading and browsing the net can be good for a lot of things, but when looking for helpful advice and researching some things, it can lead to seeing other things that just make me worry more!! sigh...........

For the really bad times, I have xanax!!!!!!


  1. I am behind your last paragraph 100%!! When I was initially diagnosed with breast cancer (May '05) I spent hours on the net reading, searching...and came away more frightened than when I started!!

    When things aren't "right" with us our bodies tell us. Sometimes our mind works double-time to let us know and often if we give it "free rein" it makes matters worse.

    Menopause and all it's symptoms are large and varied from woman to woman. If you have other health issues they seem to be even worse...your positive affirmation therapy sounds good to me...how you look at these things, how you choose to cope with them makes all the difference.

    Xanax is a blessing...my drug of choice is Effexor!! :)

  2. Hi Lorri! I had a talk with my doctor about some symptoms I had, such as night sweats, and she recommended Black Cohosh. I use a brand called Remifemin (you can find it at Wal-Mart) and it works wonderfully for me. I suggest you talk with your doctor, too, and see what he or she recommends for you!

  3. Oh boy- I hear you! Plus, me being a nurse... way to easy to get cuaght up in symptoms. Your heart palpitations are normal, but it never hurts to get things checked out. One day at work my heart rate was 155, with an abnormal EKG. Turned out to be nothing. Just try to relax a little, because we all know what anxiety can do. Just believe in yourself!! hugs- Lee

  4. Anxiety is awful. I hope you find a method that helps you deal with yours. My therapist has a wonderful CD that she made for tension relief and pain management. It helps me with my monthly hormone induced migraines. I also love it because I can hear her voice and it calms me:) I can get a copy for you if you want. Stay away from the internets!!! They are scary. LOL!! I am sending good thoughts to you sweetie. Love, Jamie

  5. Xanax is good. And there's nothin' wrong with it! Nope!

  6. Hi Lorri,
    well its been too long and i read you are still a troubled girl.....me and you will always have issues of concerns.
    All te best and we do need to catchup sometime soon i think:)
    what you doing now adays????


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