3 May 2012

It's Holiday Time, so I thought how cool would it be to 'tangle' my own suitcase. This way if it goes along the conveyer belt I will spot it easily :)

I didn't overdo it, and could easily have continued to fill the case. Somehow it seemed to say stop, that's enough. So I left it as it is - I guess I can also see the front of the case, as its more tangled than the back :)

If you like this idea, then please let me know. Also if you decide to tangle your own cases after this inspiration - I would LOVE to see them!

I would love to get my 'tangles' onto some real cases out in the big wide world....... anyone recommend a manufacturer to me? Teehee.... GUESS? Are you listening! You need me to Tangle your stuff. ROFL

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  1. I really like the look. Its fresh looking.


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