3 October 2012

Random creations from long ago... & What I've been doing, why I've been MIA!

Hi lovelies,
Well this has been a while coming, a blog update! Woohoo. The above art is the most recent thing I've done - this was from LIFEBOOK 2012 class by Ady Almanza - I had fun doing this, not my usual style - but great fun to do, and I was happy with the way she turned out...

I have also been busy listing my shop closure stocks onto the facebook group - Aussie Garage Sale - lots of bargains to be had over there!

It's been keeping me very busy, and away from my usual facebook time haha! as well as away from my art and blog.
In fact I'm feeling a little art-starved, so I think I will make it a goal to actually DO some art soon.

Over the last few days I have been trawling through my computer files and was actually very suprised at the quantity of art/crafty things I have produced over the years.
I see things being created now, that I had a play with years ago! Isn't it strange how things do a circle, and what was once popular, then faded, now has recurred again as the 'in thing'... it happens.
Life is a circle, and I'm still going around in them personally.
Things haven't changed much on that front :(
Anyway, I thought I would upload some OLD pictures, of things that I made a while ago - I look back and think, wow, that was awful on some of them - but we all learn and develop our skills as we practice - so go and practice some more she says! LOL

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  1. Awesome creations Lorrie...love the painting! :)


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