28 February 2012

Hold onto your heart

Today I spent All Day, yes ALL DAY painting, collaging and getting messy. I loved it :)
Now I need to draw a little string from her finger to her heart, then add some words.......
I'm thinking "Hold onto your heart"

This thinking comes about from a couple of things - the first being that I recently saw my father let his heart go to someone in China - who wasn't who he thought she was, he was besotted by emails written by an interpreter not the girl in his 'pictures' and thus had his heart hurt :(
I think we must hold onto our hearts, and not give them away too easily, without really knowing who we are tending them to.
I want to be sure that my heart isn't hurt again, and I'm holding onto it really tight at the moment - perhaps a little too tight, as I'm not able to let the love in.
So I guess finding a balance, as we have to do with most things, is the trick.

I hope you enjoyed my painting -

Thanks also goes to Tam from Lifebook for all the different lessons, inspirations and prompts along this my creative journey for 2012.


  1. Lori, she is incredibly beautiful... an absolutely stunning painting...

    Jenny x

  2. Wow! She is so beautiful! You did an amazing job creating this. Happy for you to hear you got a fun art day!

  3. Lori, This is a stunning painting. I adore the colours.


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