29 June 2010

Larger View of "Look Within"

I decided to give this painting a more earthy colour tone. After a base coat on the background, I began with the edging and worked my way into the picture instead of working from the face outward like I usually do. If I was working in photoshop digitally with this print there would be about 7-8 layers of paints. The painted over collage image I used is credited to Ceremony. I picked the angels image, because the main Angel in the image looks similar to my painting - and it feels like the little cherubs are whispering positive affirmations into her ears - "Yes, You are creative, You can be creative"


  1. Love the darknes of it. Beautiful piece!

  2. Wow Lorri !... Loving your latest work.

  3. Hi Lorri, I am so happy you hopped over to my blog...Your blog is amazing!!! I especially like the "Grief within my art". If I were you, I would create a blog just named to keep. You are super creative and I really enjoy your work. *hugs*

  4. Lorri,
    Thank you for your sweet comment as it led me to your wonderful blog. Your art is really stunning & inspires me to look deeper. I read the interview on crescendo & we have much in common. My art is most defiantly a tool for healing & a way I connect with the family I have lost. (my mother, father & step father in 18 months) I will be back often. Lisa


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