2 July 2010

Do you remember my post "Lost in my own world" the one with this pic ?- 

Today I received a beautiful comment from Kelly of  Kelly's Art Journaling .  It seems grief stays around for a very long time after losing someone so special and close to you.... Kelly's words of hope and comfort were very uplifting to me today.  Thank you Kelly!

I just wandered around Kelly's blog and she has linked to my post and talks about grief from when she lost her Father 17 years ago...  It would be nice if you popped by and visited Kelly, and say Hello for me too!
Her blog is full of gorgeous artwork, journaling and some links to other amazing artists.

Have a wonderful day, I am going to try to.  Today I am babysitting (dogsitting) Buddah and my poor Kitty was terrified and just ran and hid in my bedroom... wish them and me luck!



  1. Nice to find you along Kelly's Blog Hop, Lorri! Your art work speaks to me in a pretty voice, and brings memories of the loss of my Mom 8 years ago. I'm glad you are expressing your feelings through art, and making pretty art from within your experience! Your Mum would be so proud of you.

    Like you, I grieved, and still do sometimes, for Mom ~~ just one more day, just one more conversation, just one more hug, just one more...anything. Here's a {{{hug}}} reaching out to you today. Losing a mother is a tragic thing, even when it is expected (my Mom had cancer that spread to her brain, and we knew she didn't have long). It is not until they are gone that we truly appreciate our Mom for all they do for us and all the support they give us. Afterwards, we begin to appreciate them and all they offered us as adults and children. And, I have to believe that today they know of our new appreciation and extraordinary love for them, and share our new-found deep love. I picture my Mom saying, "finally, dear child, you understand me and my deep love for you," lol.

    I had a dream that I can share with you sometime, if you'd like, about my Mom visiting me from heaven; it was very soothing, and she let me know that she can still see me, ;). I believe your Mum still loves you deeply, and is reaching out to you in ways that perhaps are not obvious, but she's still there with you, sweetie, and loves you more than words can express...and she wants you to be happy. You are a special soul, and I'm glad I met you here in blogland, and look forward to staying in touch. {{{hugs}}} to you! ~~ Jeanne

  2. Hi Lorri, thanks for visiting me! Yes I can relate also to your grief, but also you must think that she still lives on in your heart and thoughts and if you have faith someday you will embrace her again! I do see sadness in your paintings, it's quite unavoidable to not express what we feel but that emotion is what makes them beautiful! It makes you accessible to others.
    The pain eventually will feel a little more tolerable and with the years it tends to turn into nostalgia and you'll be able to laugh at silly things you remember. Allow yourself to feel pain, for a little while, it's ok, but I think that your Mom would love for you to be happy and have faith that someday you will see her again. A great big hug to you! :D Patti

  3. Lorri; You are so sweet! I am so glad that my words touched you, as yours touched me too. I think it's an important step to talk to others who have experienced grief - it truly helps the healing process. I read Jeanne Nelson's comment above and I have to tell you... I too had a dream letting me know that my Dad still saw me and knew me as I grew up and had children. If you would like to hear it sometime please contact me and I would love to tell you. We are not alone in our grief. Hugs to you and thank you so much for linking my blog here and for your touching words. Much love.

  4. I had stopped at Kelly's blog and saw your blog mentioned. I was so touched by your journalling, art and words. I too lost my mom - 2 years ago now and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't miss her. Time does heal (sometimes these sayings have truth), and the grief won't be as sharp.
    I created some art pieces to honour my Mom. They were therapeutic for sure.
    My blog is my way of honouring my Mom( her nickname was Bunny) and it has helped me a great deal.
    Take care.

  5. Lorri; it's been awhile but glad I stopped in today. Your art is transcending! Art is a way we can all express our joys, grief, loves and inner thoughts. May the happy memories that you've shared with your Mom keep you feeling loved and warm. You know she will always be with you. xxoo Marilyn


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