23 June 2010

Rosey Cheeks

Over the last two nights I created a new painting.  I didn't scan or save the sketch because when I work on the backgrounds first I tend to just start to draw and then paint over the backgrounds without stopping.

I had fun playing around with a different style. While browsing the blogs I follow I noticed a lot of the quirky little drawings had circles for cheeks, so thought I would give it a go.

Here's my first circular cheek :))


  1. Oh Lori,
    Rosey Cheeks is so cute.
    I have been on your blog reading about your Mom, and I am so sorry.
    I know she is with you, in your hearts and she will wait for you.
    Grief is such a misunderstood process, but what I read is so healing, so right, and such beauty you portray w/in your writings and drawings. keep on keeping on girl.
    hugs, Darlene

  2. Hi Lori! I just read your story on Jenny Doh's blog. Sorry to hear about your mom, I lost my mom a yr ago in April and that summer of 09 was hard but yet my art was my saving grace again, I have been creating everyday since then and have decided to follow my dream of always creating art, it is my therapy. I have enjoyed touring your blog:O) Thanx for sharing Isabel :O)

  3. Lori;
    This is a fabulous painting. I love the colors and texture in the background and that her eyes match colors mixed in the background as well. Very pretty.


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