16 October 2010

A short poem by me for me

My poem for today. -

"I need an angel of my own today to take away the pain, to remove all the heartache & to keep me sane. An Angel of truth to hit HIM on the head, to take away all my frustrations and the dread. I hate the way I feel and the angry bitch that I've become, I want to turn it all off, and just become numb."


  1. Hello Lorri...your words are very powerful and "to you" very meaningful...If you look within yourself Im sure you will find a strong woman..to convert any negativity into strength....look toward your brave angel Image..she is so beautiful.

  2. Hello Lorri...

    I am very sorry to read of your pain and I wish for you to feel much better soon.... also when you feel better you will feel much less like hurting someone else.

    You must be truely beautiful as your images are.

    take care
    be well
    and thanks for sharing
    best wishes


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