29 August 2008

JavaBlu Award

Another blog award - wow, I'm so honoured to be receiving these little wonders. They might not mean much to some, but to me they show me that someone is liking my blog - whether it be in my rambles and sharing of my life in parts, or whether it be in the artworks that I attempt. My sincere appreciation goes to everyone who visits me!

Thank you to my friend Marilyn for including me on her blogroll and thereby offering this award to me :)

I have so many blogs that I read regularly - I sub with "Bloglines" and I get to see all the new posts in one easy window.... With a brief piece of the latest posting. It's wonderfully easy to use, and if you want to see something in full, you just click it and it will open in a new window - If you haven't subbed with bloglines I recommend you try it - BLOGLINES it is still in beta testing - but is working wonderfully for me.

Now as for my pick for the award, this time I would like to choose a blog that isn't really 'art' related, but that I like to have a read of and get a giggle from somedays too...... So go along and say hello and visit: RG RYAN

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