19 August 2008

Stretching Myself

Well I uploaded some of the new ACEO's via the flickr upload to blog. It was the only way I could get them to upload here... grrr

I hope you like them :)

Most of the cards in the postings below were made predominantly with my LEFT HAND!! Yes, It was a slow process. I challenge you to try it yourself. You will learn to appreciate what you do, the ease you do it and the time it takes... LOL

I'm almost ambidextrous now - just kidding teehee (not quite)

I see another specialist - ortho surgeon on Friday, so hopefully I will get some kind of help or some pain relief!! I'm praying I don't need surgery on my elbow, as needing it on my shoulder is bad enough :(


  1. Lorri; your recent art, here, is gorgeous!

  2. Really fabulous work, Lorri!

  3. Hey Lorri!! I put you back on my blogroll!! Sorry, I keep losing my links (stupid Blogger!).

    Thanks for visiting!! Off to see your flickr, to see what you have been up too.



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