26 August 2008

9x12 Mixed Media "Ugly in her own eyes"

In order to distract myself and focus on creating something different to atc's, I grabbed my paints and a piece of watercolour paper 9x12 and began to draw with oil pastels and paint. The following is what happened.
I'm not getting the hang of those gorgeous backgrounds you see, but I can see glimpses of something i like.... colour? expression? Not sure what yet. I know I have a very long way to go before I can feel that ability to create colourful wonders that I see online everyday!!

It was, however, a great way of self-expression. I threw on the paints, layering colours, scraping bits off and adding more. I then tore up a vintage book and added words that felt appropriate, and on the "PAIN" piece I added paper wings.... if only I could fly!! I would fly away to a land of healing.

Here's the first one titled "UGLY in her own eyes" - the scanner missed the bottom section off - but you can still get the idea.
I chose the wording on this piece, because being in constant pain has made me unhappy about how I am sometimes. You see, it's very hard to offer sympathy when one is hurting so badly already - I do try, and for someone who has worked in the 'healing' area spiritually in the past - it's frustrating to not be able to heal oneself either! So I guess I am despondent about things and don't like what pain can do to a person. I also feel like I am constantly fighting and battling things, The Taoist approach is something I am not yet able to put into practise - but I'm trying...

The words read:

The Wu Wei approach to conflict-solving can be seen in the practice of the TAOIST martial art T'ai Chi.
Ch'uan, the basic idea of which is to wear the opponent out, either by sending his energy back at him or by deflecting it away, in order to weaken his power, balance and positoin-for-defence. Never is force opposed with force; instead it is overcome with yielding.

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