15 August 2008

Latest ATC's & ACEO's

Well, after being thrilled to be receiving a blog award today, I thought I better get myself motivated and upload a few of my most recent art cards that I have made.. (or I may never get any more awards LOL)

Most of these have been done during a period of 'limited elbow/arm usage' so they were quite slow to make, these were made over the past couple of weeks.

You can click on the individual images, or please visit my Flickr site. I have some 'sets' over there, if you want to find them easier - here are the direct links: Available to Trade on Flickr and the other is for my ACEO's which are available for purchase through my ETSY store: Artivity Please note not all my cards in the ACEO set are listed yet at Artivity on Etsy.... just don't seem to get enough time in the day!! Or am too busy browsing blogs LOL

If you don't belong to Flickr, but would like to trade with me - please don't hesitate to comment here, or email me :)

I hope you enjoy them, and thank you so much for visiting me.

If you scroll down to the previous post, you can see I have uploaded the full scans.

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